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As fewer and fewer people actually use their smartphones to talk, creative new smartphone plans that focus on data and messaging continue to emerge.
A screenshot showing the plan follows below, and the instructions for finding and ordering it can be found on CNET’s website, which is also linked below. Fallowing regional carriers like BoostMobile, Criket and MetroPCS, T-Mobile will launch a new Postpaid No annual contract for new and existing customers. Both new and existing customers can sign up for the new Postpaid No Annual Contracts rate plans. Activation Fees will still apply and customers will be required to pass credit checks and meet the same credit requirements as 1 year and 2 year postpaid customers.
The big deal is that AT&T does not promote that option so most people are not aware of that option .
Having said that, there are no documented cases of anyone ever getting herpes from a towel.

This entry was posted in People, Sociology and tagged Alexander Graham Bell, Patent, Telephony. As it turns out, however, the perfect smartphone plan might already be hiding in plain sight. CNET has the full instructions posted, but it involves jumping from site to site and then ordering a new SIM card.
Starting on August 6, T-Mobile will introduce new Postpaid No Annual Contracts rate plans to provide customers the freedom to stay connected to those who matter most without the constraints of 1 and 2 year contracts. Existing customers who would like to switch to these new rate plans are still required to fulfill their terms of their existing contracts if applicable. AT&T has allowed customers to purchase a handset at full price and go without a contract for sometime now. CNET recently stumbled upon a nearly secret T-Mobile prepaid plan that could very well be the best value in the country.

The plan is only available for new activations so you’ll have to open a new line and port in your number if you want to take advantage of the plan. The new Postpaid No Annual Contracts rate plans are designed to address those customers who want to activate service but don’t want to be tied down by contracts.
For just $30 per month with no contract, users get unlimited data (5GB of full-speed 4G data and then speeds are throttled), unlimited messaging and 100 voice minutes. You read that right: Unlimited data and unlimited messaging for $30 per month with no contract.

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