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Herzlich Willkommenim historischen Rathaus in Maintal Hochstadt mit seiner Ebbelwei-Sch?nke.
NOTE: One of the car codes is wrong in the picture, the Turismo is actually 227-555-0147 and the Comet is 227-555-0175. Repair Engine: If the vehicle you are driving breaks down and the engine will not start, call 911, and your engine should start again. Avoid Toll Booth: Drive through any toll booth with any emergency vehicle with the sirens on. Unless your car is too wide, you can also drive through the center area of the 4 tollbooths without getting caught.
Also, with a motorcycle, you can also drive through the outer edges of tollbooths, (between the tollbooth wall and the outer wall of the highway). PEMBROKE PARK (CBSMiami) – Police are looking for two masked men who, in broad daylight, stormed into a packed cell phone store–one of the two was armed with an assault rifle. The robbery, captured on surveillance at three different angles, happened at a Metro PCS store at 3934 Pembroke Road. According to Broward Sheriff’s Office, around 1:25 PM on July 1, a gray or dark-colored 2010 to 2014 Nissan Maxima pulled up and parked in front of the store.

The two men are seen on video entering the store yelling, “Give me the register.” One man pointed the rifle and ordered the employees and four customers, including a baby, not to move.
A man, who works nearby and did not want to be identified, said the store has been robbed before. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. UT-Brownsville is using a new tactic to keep its students safe from violence across the border: text messaging.
Of course, that took some time, but with the new text messaging, when gunfights break out in the future, classes can be canceled and students can be put on lockdown in a much timelier fashion. He used a black t-shirt to cover his face and was wearing a black t-shirt and light-colored pants—he was the one carrying the assault rifle. Students, faculty and staff at the school are being asked to enter their cell phone numbers in a university database, so whenever drug violence explodes near the campus, warnings can be text-blasted out.The plan comes after a particularly scary incident a couple weeks ago caused university officials to cancel weekend classes. Wir pflegen die Kultur der Ebbelwei-Kneipen wie in Frankfurt und setzen die G?ste auch gerne mal zusammen.
Both men had their faces covered—one was armed with a black semi-automatic rifle with a scope.

Hair Balls wrote about that gun battle, but, basically, 55 people, including a cartel boss and journalist, were killed in Matamoros, Mexico, which is about half a mile from the UT-Brownsville campus.
We called the university and the university's police department, but anyone who can answers questions about the new text system is out until Monday. So entsteht, fast wie von selbst, ein Gespr?ch mit den Tischnachbarn und nicht selten ein ganz au?ergew?hnlicher Abend.
When police heard the gun fight from the university's soccer fields, they decided to send students and faculty home. Unser Au?enbereich (unter den Arkaden) gibt uns die M?glichkeit, auch unseren rauchenden G?sten gerecht zu werden.
As Hair Balls noted in its November 8 story, even before the latest incident, students were warned not to leave their dorm rooms when bullets reportedly fired from Mexico hit a building on campus.
You can also kill more people taking their money from the ATM to increase the amount of money that respawns.

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