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Deals for cell phones, 4G android phones, cell phone plan deals and 4G android tablet pcs for you and your family. Get prepaid Android and Blackberry cell phones with no contract, unlimited plans, and the ability to shrink your monthly phone bill.
MetroPCS provides Cell Phones and Low-Rate Prepaid Plans with Unlimited Talk, Text and Web, No Contracts, taxes and fees included. Find cell phones, accessories, mobile broadband, and contract or no-contract service plans. Cricket Wireless is a leading cell phone provider, offering affordable prepaid cellular plans and no signed contract. Find cell phone plans with free cell phones, free shipping, free cellular accessories and other special offers. Subscribe to my free newsletter and get the free "5 Great Tools to Rescue Your Finances" guide! Tweet Share Pin +1 Share EmailTotal Shares 312I got an email the other day from a reader that asked a good question.
Whether you like the idea or not, if your kid has a cell phone, then why not get the best cell phone plan for your money. Some may suggest Ting, but with the device fee, up to 100 minutes, 100 texts, and a little bit of data, you are paying $15 a month. You won't find the plan listed on T-Mobile's main site -- not that I could locate, when I went looking a few weeks ago after hearing about it.
In short order, the Nexus 4 that I was using with the SIM card was up-and-running with T-Mobile. These are some of the Verizon Wireless feature phones (non-smartphones) that don't require a data plan,sort by release date. Smartphone technology explained - electronics resource, Before you buy a smartphone, learn the terms and lingo.
Cell phone industry analysis - csus, Also, most cell phone owners are users to be victims of paying too much for cellular phone options of choosing one cell phone service provider.

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Consumer Reports telecom experts recently tested over 70 cell and smart phones in our state-of-the-art labs. This gives you the piece of mind knowing your son or daughter can contact you when they need to. Even T-Mobile's "Bring Your Own Phone" page doesn't suggest there's a prepaid option lurking out there.T-Mobile will shift you over to its prepaid site, if you do a search for that. If you're already on T-Mobile, that should mean that you can't switch to this plan from anything you're on now. People are talking, texting, taking selfies, tweeting, pinning, liking, and doing many other things on their phone. They provide you with a nice, new Moto X second generation that works specifically for Republic Wireless. The home page of that site gives the impression that plans begin at $50 per month for only 500MB of 4G data. It might also mean that if you activate a new line of service, T-Mobile might not let you port your old number to this new line.
However, if you go to the page listing all prepaid plans, then scroll down to the bottom, you discover the magical $30 option:You can't order the plan initially.

I have tested the built-in tethering option on the Nexus 4 to share my connection with my laptop, and that worked fine. Yes, you will have to buy the phone, but depending on how much you pay every month, you might still be saving money with this option.
You have to either order a SIM card for your phone, which will cost $10, or buy a new phone (which will add the SIM card to your order).After I placed my order, the SIM card arrived in about a week. Heck, my editor-in-chief at Marketing Land, Matt McGee, who tipped me to the plan, has even been using it to power his testing of Google Glass.As this is a backup phone for me, I'm not too worried about running out of either talk time or high-speed data.
Why pay the large amount of money for data, when most of us already pay for it at our homes? But even if it was my only phone, I've found in the past that 5GB of data is an ample allowance, and personally, it's rare for me to use many of my voice minutes at all. Talk to customer service if you're already at T-Mobile and really feel this is the plan you want.If you're not at T-Mobile, you should be able to activate the new line, then port your phone number over to it from another carrier. Nothing better than having money back in your pocket every month and knowing you can get in touch with your child. My most popular cell service reviews are Straight Talk, Walmart Family Mobile, and Republic Wireless. If you break the data off and just allow them the luxury when they’re on WiFi, you solve the problem. When I call out, only my Google Voice number shows.I'm sure there are better smartphone plans out there for people with particular needs, such as wanting more data, needing a family plan, or wanting more talk time.

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