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As it turned out the snapfon is a just a raw chinese copy of the Just5 phone that is never being recognized elsewhere in the world… And just5 has a brand of the year effie award. I’ve got the Just5 phone for my mother because i made a research on them first and when i was assured that this is a reputable brand only then i made a purchase.
Of all the cell phones for seniors that are featured here, Just5 phone is what I like the most. I have heard from the mother of my friend who uses this phone that this phone is totally simple. I have seen how the mother of my friend has been satisfied by this phone, so I believe the elderly will regret nothing if they choose Just5 phone.
Although I agree that the Just5 and Jitterbug are nice phones for seniors, they’re a little price.
I hear a lot about Tracfone but to be honest have never ventured to buy one of their cells… till now! After researching many senior phone options I have found that the Snapfon people have the best offering. At easi phone we specialise in big button phones for the elderly, we provide big button mobile phones and big button telephones suitable for senior citizens, partially sighted and disabled.

Unlike most cell phones, Jitterbug offers cell phones with larger buttons and large display numbers.  Yes, that means that if the phone rings while you’re in the grocery store and you don’t happen to have your reading glasses on, there’s a much better chance of being able to see who is calling because the number display is large. Jitterbug also offers a contract phone plan; therefore, for seniors not looking for a prepaid cell phone service, the Jitterbug’s contract plan is always an option. LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones and free government phones. Until now, the only low-tech cell alternative has been Jitterbug, a fine solution but one that requires a special calling plan. Both are small and light, have a one-button emergency quick-dial on the back and a built-in LED flashlight. It has basic functions and the features it presents are all very much substantial to the elderly. I got my father a Tracfone and love knowing that he has a reliable phone to make calls with incase of an emergency. They have excellent low price plans for seniors and the reviews of their phones on blogs and on Amazon marketplace have been very positive. Jitterbug’s simple “Yes” and “No” keys will unlock the phone’s treasures.  Don’t you hate having to decipher which menu option to use to reach a cell phone’s feature?  No more guesswork with the Jitterbug phone.

It’s a basic phone with large and lighted key pads and so far has been working out great for me! A full year of service cost him as little as $80 for only get 240 minutes, but that is more then enough more most senior citizens. But, my vision is horrible so I need the big numbers, both to dial and to see on the screen. This cell phone comes with oversized lighted keys, large text and screen and it’s even hearing aid friendly!
It seems that the Just5 company is a Russian owned company whose successes are mostly in Europe. The Just5 phone looks like a child’s toy, the snapfon product seems more sensible in its styling for seniors.

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