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There is a scammer working from Obuasi Ghana she goes by the name of Suzzie Williams and with an alias of Anita.Antw26. Please provide a valid email address if you select this option, or post under a registered account. A must-have for all of you, who use a cellphone or text-message flat for only one wireless network. The network finder can verify your phone number in real time – so not just by your code. Additionally, then it's not required for me to be registered or signed up with that system not a carrier.

It's the system in place for now, I know to the future carriers though are going to stop these tricks not known, it's almost by accident or trial and error they are found out.
If stolen, then data is taken action against this info, to bar the use per mobile system, plus any carrier to the data base established already there.
This prevents future use to the system in place per cell system, plus again, per SIM registration in place.
Glad I was never a theif, but do know the systems well enough to could have been freebie day all day for years to come, didn't do that though, was good about this.

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