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Net10 Wireless is a prepaid cell phone provider that offers a variety of plans in addition to the option to use your own phone.
NET10 WirelessA is a no long-term contract, no credit check, no activation fee, no age-limit service. It offers three different types of plans: family plans, 30-day monthly plans and pay-as-you-go plans.
The service has numerous Android phones ranging from basic flip phones ($30) to an LG Optimus Black ($330).
Viewpoints contributors praise the cell service as a great option for those who are new to using cell phones.
Many A NET10 Wireless customers seem pleased with the product, saying it is affordable and simple to use, with great coverage.
Both Straight Talk Wireless (another prepaid service) and NET10 allow users to provide their own phones, but NET10 is available at a wider range of retail stores (Straight Talk is sold exclusively at Walmart). Cricket Communications are a well established Oklahoma based cellphone service provider who are currently a subsidiary of Leap Wireless and who have recently extended their operations nationwide, establishing a series of roaming agreements with MetroPCS and Sprint Nextel. Three choices of daily a€?PAYGoa€? plans are available on the Cricket network, depending on the requirements of the subscriber.
The basic plan provides only an unlimited call service between networked phones within the Cricket coverage. This plan includes additional services such as mobile email, navigation, data backup and international texts. This is the most comprehensive package and includes advanced features such as mobile video entertainment and 100 minutes of roaming.

These unique options are especially valuable to a family group or people who keep in touch frequently. Lately we’ve noticed many of you coming to the site for information about the prepaid cell phone service, NET10 Wireless.
The cell phone provider‘s family plan rates start at $90 for two people and go to $170 for up to four people. Many reviews state that the service provides excellent coverage in even remote areas and with no extra roaming charges, makes the phone ideal for travel.
Viewpoints contributors suggest using online customer service versus calling, but this may not be convenient for everyone.
Although Straight Talk denies a data cap on its service, many users complain of slowed speeds with increased use of the phone’s service. Check out this overview of the Viewpoints Category Expert Program, including qualifications, compensation and how to apply. Cricket offer their subscribers a choice of prepaid daily or monthly plans, however there is no simple pay-as-you-go option and the unlimited services provided by these prepaid plans is confined to their coverage area. Subscribers to Cricket prepaid cellphone plans may choose a basic package and add on individual elements as required, go for an intermediate package with more features included or a fully comprehensive bundle. Ideal for people who do not use their phones every day, or do not want to commit to a monthly subscription, a€?PAYGoa€? offers the individual complete flexibility in their choice of service. Available for three, four or five cellphones registered at the same time, the plans offer unlimited talk, text, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and 3-way calling with the option of unlimited web browsing and 411 directory access. The company also do a great deal of live venue marketing to attract subscribers and are involved in a number of community projects to extend their presence throughout their coverage area.

To save you some time (and money), here’s what people are saying about Net10 and how it compares to other prepaid providers. Monthly plans begin at $15 for 200 minutes per month and $65 for an unlimited plan that includes talk, text messaging, data and international calls. Viewpoints reviewers like the coverage provided by NET10 Wireless but disapprove of the customer service.
Due to this discrepancy, NET10 is offering free SIM cards for customers who want to switch to a T-Mobile SIM.
Although this is growing, clients wishing to communicate outside of the service boundaries will have to pay additional roaming charges. The level of a subscribers a€?PAYGoa€? plan can be changed daily to suit what services are required that day.
A full range of accessories are also available and replacement insurance should any of the cellphones get damaged, lost or develop a technical fault.
They also offer subscribers a vast range of cellphone accessories via their online store, ringtones, games and cellphone apps.
The pay-as-you option gives you the choice to pay $20 for 200 minutes up to the highest option of 1500 minutes for $100.

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