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I use a Windows Nokia Lumia 920 mainly for e-mail, as ebook reader, and for quick web access at home.
I'm with Verizon, as they are the only company you can actually make a call with in my area. I have a BlackBerry Torch for work, it uses ATT which isn't terrible where I live but it is pretty horrendous in a lot of the places I end up in for work.
You might want to point her out that MyPhone is a Philippine-brand of cheap mobile phones (the usual ones and smart phones aka Android clones). Last year, when I lost my ye olde HTC Wildfire (somewhere in the Cordilleras, slipped out of my pocket) which I inherited from dad (it was my Christmas gift to him several Christmases ago and he replaced it with an iPhone AFAIK) after my old non-smart Nokia was killed in the rain, I purchased my first brand new smartphone.
I noticed that it doesn't have a magnetometer, so all those compass and astronomy apps don't work. I use it mostly for text, calls, and interwebz stuff since my laptop doubles as my office computer and I usually leave it at the office during the weekdays. I also use my phone for the occasional simple game to while away the boredom and camera to take pix of cats. On messaging services, a lot here seem to use similar apps like Viber, Kakao Talk, Line, and such. Statistics Canada has released their 2013 Residential Telephone Survey which has revealed 21 percent of all Canadian households now use cellphones as their only telephone service. Young households where all of the members are under 35 years of age have the highest percent of exclusive cellphone use, at 60 percent in 2013—up from 39 percent in 2010 and 26 percent in 2008. Compare this to households composed of those 55 and older, where exclusive cellphone was at 6 percent in 2013—up slightly from 2 percent in 2008.
More than one in five households in Canada have cell phones as their only form of telephone service.

VoIP use from internet providers remains rare, with 3% of households reporting use in 2013. A new online survey commissioned by Angus Reid last month says the majority of Canadians believe their cellphone plans are too expensive, something we’ve known for a while now.
From March 28-31, 2016, a random sample of 1,522 Canadian adults from the Angus Reid Forum answered questions online regarding cellphone prices and a recent decision by the CRTC to essentially block competition by making it harder for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) to operate.
Over 60 percent (61%) of respondents said their cellphone plan was “too expensive”, while only 8 percent said their plan was “a good deal”. As for the recent CRTC decision regarding MVNOs, 61 percent said they “haven’t really hard anything about” it, while 46% believed the CRTC made the wrong decision in stifling MVNO creation. MVNOs would allow companies to buy wholesale wireless rates from incumbents and re-sell to customers for profit, adding competition. The ones that answered good deal probably live in Saskatchewan or Manitoba where they have good deals compared to the rest of Canada.
I think the public should insist the CRTC is dissolved and replaced by people who don’t lean on the side of the telecos. LOL, there were actually respondents that said there is too much competition and they have a good deal and people that think there is too much competition, yet they are getting ripped off! So it looks like it was very dependent on who was answering and what level of outside plan knowledge.
It is interesting that the majority in those provinces still considered their plans to be too expensive. With a net connection, it is an alternative to text messaging and so people save by not paying much for their text messaging.
Traditional landline continues to decline, with the share of households using them dropping from 66% in 2010 to 56% in 2013.

However, companies wanting to start their own networks are unable to offer this, as the CRTC concluded “it would not be appropriate to mandate wholesale mobile virtual network operator access services,” but rather rely on “market forces” to drive a competitive market. Sure I’d like cheaper, but it sure beats the current offerings that seem to spiral upwards of $120 to get even 5gb! My phone is a crappy Nokia from work using the even crappier Rogers network that is non-existent outside of major Urban areas and spotty within.
The Philippines has only two mobile telecoms that have a monopoly on the industry, and so I've got one SIM for each network. Coupled with a $10 cellphone package for times we are mobile and need a second cellphone we feel we are still ahead financially. Currently we're still grandfathered in to unlimited data since we haven't taken their subsidized phones. I don't use the datawhateveryoucallit because it's piss poor anyway here, and instead use the phone's WiFi's antenna to hitch on any WiFi hotspots. I have several rental properties than I run via my answering machine, email, and my two repairmen.
Just because this plan is no longer available and the other data plans are even more expensive doesn’t mean their plan is a good deal.
And its essentially impossible that someone did that as a prank, as I keep very close watch on my electronics and I've not allowed anyone else to touch that phone since I picked it up at the store.

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