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Bobby Petrino’s cell phone records were unleashed onto the internet today via the Associated Press and Deadspin. The logs McAfee got from the school show Nutt not only communicated with the booster but also frequently used his university-issued cellphone to text message a female TV news anchor. Well, text messages sent via a cellphone are stored on the cellphone provider’s servers, but they are deleted as those records are purged every so often. McAfee, an avid Arkansas football fan, wanted to see whether a school booster was unduly influencing Nutt’s play-calling decisions.

McAfee subsequently asked the school’s board of trustees to investigate the conduct of Nutt, who is married.
Public officials, especially highly compensated high-level employees, should be held to a different standard. 11-006, the Attorney General found that communications of members of public bodies, generated on private equipment that relates to public business and are generated during public meetings are subject to disclosure under the requirements of the FOIA. Although the actual message ma be gone, under this act logs of these conversations — which  look similar to a phone bill listing called numbers — are potentially accessible.

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