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With cell phones playing such a huge role in modern life for so many of us, it is no wonder that if our device develops a fault, getting it fixed quickly and professionally is very important to us. Watch every major repair in startling detail as a military trained technician breaks it down for you step by step, pausing and zooming in on all the little details so you don’t ever miss a thing. Every single repair covered in the thirty hours of video is painstakingly recreated on a technical document for you. Whilst the course is now closed you can still watch one free video as a former military veteran shows you under the bright studio lights how you can quickly repair phones right in front of your customers. The phone repair course is now closed but you will still receive your one free video if you sign up to the Wolfe Street Academy newsletter below. Ready to find out more about this excellent course and start planning your future free from a 9-5 job, making $80,000 or more per year and being able to tackle every single major phone repair?
Sign up for our free newsletter and receive your first training video, and regular tips and advice from Curt, a military veteran who cut his teeth repairing electronics in combat situations, absolutely free. Getting access to cell phone repair training can be tricky, especially if you already have a busy working life, or a family to look after. To start this type of business, it is a must to have a background knowledge on electronics repair, hire a qualified technician to start your business, or enroll yourself in a cellular phone repair course. With the exception of obtaining the necessary licenses from government agencies (see registration requirements) to make your business legitimate, there is not much to spend for your business to become fully operational.
There are many ways to advertise your services – distribute leaflets, flyers, brochures, business cards to friends, family members, neighbors, or go door-to-door around your barangay. With the fast pace of technology development, it is important to keep your knowledge or your technician’s updated.

Assuming that you can repair 5 phones in a day with an average service fee of P200 per phone. Note: Figures used in this computation are hypothetical, it may vary from actual operation of the business. Only accredited repair shops and licensed technical personnel are authorized to operate in the Philippines.
Computer RepairWe are the leading providers of computer repair services in the Tampa Bay area. Go Custom With Us!Unless you shop in the ”one size fits all” isle, MIT Computers is your CUSTOM computer builder.
Phone Repair (New)Smart phones, wireless phones and iPhones® make our lives easier, and when yours needs repair, you realize how much we come to rely on them.
Join Our Mailing ListWould you like to receive the lastest news about new products, special offers and events? Learning to repair faulty cell phones not only means you can save money in the long run on the cost of repairs to your own device, it also allows you to help out friends and family, and maybe even earn some surplus income.
Just signing up to our free email newsletter is a great start, as it is packed full of repair tips.
Cell phone repair training online gives you the ability to learn when and where you please. To minimize rental costs, you can establish your business at home with your neighbors as your initial target customers.
One way is to search the internet for information or purchase manuals or tool kits that will help hone your skills or your technicians’ in your repair shop.

With our five convenient locations, you’re assured our friendly, professional service is always just minutes away. We offer the premiere choice in custom computer design with the latest and greatest technology. Whether you are looking for a new career, or just want to be able to carry out repairs to your own faulty devices, our email newsletter provides you with a good foundation of repair knowledge. Fitting your education in around your pre-existing commitments is much easier with cell phone repair training online, as you can learn as much as you like when you have the time to do it. Later on, as you expand your business, you can locate inside malls or commercial spaces accessible to a larger target clients.
Our training collection includes videos to cover the diagnosis and repair of all major cell phone faults. Learning with videos has many advantages, such as being able to pause and skip back to parts you didn’t quite understand, and learn at your own pace. Plus, by signing up to our free email newsletter, you can get your first video absolutely free.

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