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What started out as a “life after Blackberry (formerly RIM)” story has become a successful store-front business in Cambridge, Ontario.
Rob and his team actively build a foundation of familiarity and trust within the online social community. CPR Head Office recently managed a “Broken Power Button” campaign on Facebook for the Cambridge franchise.
In this campaign, as with others which run about every two months, the challenge is taking a number from the metrics and converting it into a customer in their store. Start with one form of social media and learn how to manage its application from start to measure. Use the narrative of your business development as a compelling story to draw interest from potential customers or attract new opportunities. In closing, Steve Robinson of Constant Contact summarizes how to determine success in social media. If you have concerns as to the accuracy of anything posted on this site, please send your concerns to Peter Carr, Programme Director, Social Media for Business Performance. This entry was posted in Social Media Metrics and tagged Blog, CPR, CPR Cambridge, CPR Cell Phone Repair, Facebook, facebook likes, former RIM empployees, google, Google AdWords, Increaese in Sales, Marketing and Social Media, mobile device repair, social media measurement, social media metrics.
KW Cell Phone Repair is one of the most trustworthy and reliable ways to get your iPhone repaired in the shortest amount of time possible.
We offer a Full Range of Cell Phone LCD Screen repairs for many brands of cell phones and smartphones. Android RepairWhen you use your Android all day everyday crashes and cracks are bound to happen.

Blackberry RepairWhether your Blackberry has sustained a small crack or complex glitch, our Blackberry repair experts know how to rescue it from the trashcan.
Robert Elder left the struggling Blackberry organization and pursued his dream “to be his own boss”. CPR Cambridge opened its doors with an array of business tactics positioned to get the word out. At a franchise level, he focuses on “today’s customers” by building the store’s reputation through personal interactions, customer satisfaction, and community engagement. CPR Cambridge takes their local social relationship development a step further to promote winning community awards and event participation. Many small businesses are challenged by balancing the growth of a their bottomline with the pressures to keep pace with the changing social media environment.
He makes it sound easy, and it can be – when you understand what you’re measuring and the value of those metrics to your business. KW Cell Phone Repair will fix your Blackberry efficiently and affordably so you can get back to business without having to buy a new smartphone.
Three years later, Robert is owner and manager of a franchise CPR Cell Phone Repair, providing on-premises repair of cell phones, tablets, iPods, laptops, and game systems with walk-in service. A mix of traditional media (TV spots, newspaper articles, paper flyers) combined with social media (website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, Google +) was launched to ensure all bases were covered in creating public awareness about CPR Cell Phone Repair’s services.
At a Head Office level, Robert pays the CPR brand drivers to manage their Google AdWords, search engine optimization, and social campaigns as methods to attract “tomorrow’s customers”.
Customer reviews, which integrate with their website and Facebook, are his number one priority for reputation management.

Often, there are posts sharing helpful tips about mobile device use and care, as well as expressions of gratitude to those supporting the business.
To date, their measure activity shows a basic mix of media, specifically Google AdWords and traditional newspaper ads, has proven to provide the majority of walk-ins and word-of-mouth recommendations. It’s no secret Canadians are becoming increasingly addicted to their mobile devices (eight in 10 smartphone owners said they don’t leave home without it); so, a business fixing the investment in our ‘life devices’ seems like a no-brainer. This level of communication is proving important in continuing to nurture and retain their relationship with the people behind the numbers.
The next step is now with Robert and his team in determining the quality of the new followers and how to get their attention. With a territory that covers the cities of Cambridge, Guelph and Brantford as well as the village of Ayr, there is a great opportunity to harness the reach of social media in providing name recognition and meaningful engagement before a mobile device break. By understanding the metrics of its use, the value of the social activity should become clear. Sales aside, their time investment in social media did not produce the outcomes as planned. There hasn’t been a drop in fans or followers for almost a year, with small increases created through campaigns and referrals.

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