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For cell phone repair, sales and service in Las Cruces, The Cell Phone Repair Shop is the place to go.
First of all, you should decide what kinds of repairs you are going to do for your customers. For most start-up repair shops, these are the most common repairs they do for their customers. Above are the essential tools we recommended for startup cell phone repair shops according to different service they may provide. 70%-80% of people come to third party repair shops because of a cracked screen which as a shop owner, you need to get ready for it.

Tweezers: separate some tiny and fragile components such as vibrating motor, power button, volume button and flex cables. A big roll of transparent tape: if the screens you are going to replace are badly shattered, place some transparent tape on it to protect yourself. Magnetic screw mat: there are many tiny screws in an iPhone, which could be easily messed up. In most circumstance, this repair is not that complicated if the phone was treated correctly.
The main difference between this two adhesives is, OCA is much more strong and expensive, while LOCA is cheaper and less sticky.

Some chips may get electric short circuit and need to be replaced, or the corrosions on chips of motherboard cannot be cleaned and need to be changed. If you use OCA for refurbishing screens, sometimes you’ll find it’s difficult to reuse the display, when someone break the screen for the second time. If you are skillful enough, and want to be more competitive in the local competition, these repairs wound be of help.

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