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This graph below illustrates that computer repair shops vastly outnumber cell phone repair shops in several major cities around the country by a margin of 12:1. While only nine percent of computer repair shops currently offer cell phone repair, there are far more computer repair shops than cell phone repair shops.  This means that there are more computer repair shops offering cell phone repair (554) than there are stand alone cell phone repair shops (516).
As the cell phone repair industry continues to grow, it is likely that even more computer repair shops will begin offering cell phone repair services. The bright side is that most of these PC Repair shops only offer a limited amount of phone repair services (cracked screen repairs for the most popular models).
They’ve been slow to expand because of their lack of experience in sourcing parts, repair training, and maintaining the necessary inventory to conduct other specialized repairs.
The Range of Devices and Repair Services– Include the most popular models from Apple, Android OS devices and tablets. Think about what devices consumers will have 12-24 months into the future as well as what other electronic gadgets your existing cell phone customers need fixed. While you might not be able to offer every repair within these segments, offering the most in-demand repair jobs for every gadget category is something most phone repair shop technicians can be proficient at with minimal training. Strong computer repair businesses live by this, and corporate retail establishments are moving towards this with a close-loop mindset. Gamestop, Walmart, Target, and Sears (to name a few) offer buyback programs that didn’t exist a few years ago.
Selling cracked LCDs from cell phone repairs was mostly considered extra profit just a year ago.
The value and cost of mobile LCD screens will continue to increase as displays become larger and contain more valuable resources than the main-boards themselves.
Computer repair shops are feeling the pinch in their industry, and it’s obvious why they are expanding their services to include cell phone repair.  The savvy cell phone repair shop owner can still maintain their competitive advantage by maximizing their service offerings and positioning their business as the experts in cell phone and tablet repair. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars more on a new cell phone, it makes more sense if you can get it fixed.

This St Louis source will give you a good idea of some of the most trusted cell phone repair shops in St Louis. Khanna is a busy city in East Punjab, as it is the trade and commerce hub for the foodgrains business in Asia and has the largets Grain Market in Asia. This site is a part of India Online Network – India’s Largest Online network of 475 websites.
First of all, you should decide what kinds of repairs you are going to do for your customers. For most start-up repair shops, these are the most common repairs they do for their customers.
Above are the essential tools we recommended for startup cell phone repair shops according to different service they may provide.
For over a decade they’ve experienced technology advancements and have adapted through local, corporate, and economic changes. Branching out will require a higher inventory cost, more training, and even a significantly lower profit margin on some repairs. Computer Repair Shops have proved this theory by offering the most in demand (and profitable) cell phone repairs.
Today they use their own employees, push protection plans, and offer gadget buybacks and specific cell phone repairs through the Geek Squad. Each establishment varies on how much they outsource the program, however all realize the importance of getting the client through the door by offering such services.
Today, it’s often the difference between being profitable and converting a customer on the repair price. Working with a reputable and competitive LCD buyback company will continue to be a vital part of any cell phone repair shop. Enjoy the mobile industry with specialization in buybacks for used mobile phones and broken LCD screens.

Due to its busy nature, there are many business man and licensed commission agents in Khanna. 70%-80% of people come to third party repair shops because of a cracked screen which as a shop owner, you need to get ready for it.
Tweezers: separate some tiny and fragile components such as vibrating motor, power button, volume button and flex cables.
A big roll of transparent tape: if the screens you are going to replace are badly shattered, place some transparent tape on it to protect yourself. Magnetic screw mat: there are many tiny screws in an iPhone, which could be easily messed up.
In most circumstance, this repair is not that complicated if the phone was treated correctly. The main difference between this two adhesives is, OCA is much more strong and expensive, while LOCA is cheaper and less sticky.
Some chips may get electric short circuit and need to be replaced, or the corrosions on chips of motherboard cannot be cleaned and need to be changed. Trust us to buyback iPhone, iPod and Android screens with competitive pricing and a hassle free transparent process. If you use OCA for refurbishing screens, sometimes you’ll find it’s difficult to reuse the display, when someone break the screen for the second time.
If you are skillful enough, and want to be more competitive in the local competition, these repairs wound be of help.

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