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One thing that I have noticed lately is that Android phones seem to be popping up everywhere.  Not only does every single carrier seem to have one Android phone but I have to say that the newest LG LU2300 is definitely one phone that I think I could see myself investing in. South Korea is going to be the first place that gets this phone but hopefully, it will move on over to the states soon enough! Sprint is a phone company that I thought would die away many, many years ago but they just keep coming back strong and while I am not the biggest fan in the world of Sprint, I still think that this particular cell phone company holds some of the best phones out there – like the LG Lotus Elite. This little mini phone as it looks is definitely popular and certainly one of those phones that people are constantly looking at and constantly looking to buy.  The reason has to be because it comes in so many different styles, colors and technology. You want different?  The LG Lotus Elite is definitely the phone that is different and unique! Now LG is a company that is well known for their washers, dryers, dishwasher – main appliances, but now the company has decided to take their approach mobile and has decided that cell phones are where their future is headed. Well, the brand new LG Force LG370 Slider Phone is actually a cell phone that I think many, many people would want.  Not only will it be released for the mass market but I can tell you that this stylish phone offers up a 2-inch display as well as a camera and can connect to Bluetooth.
Although the LG Force LG370 Slider Phone is pretty simple, it is still one phone that I would like to own … and soon! When you think about it – it has been a while since LG has come out with a brand new phone.  The thing about LG that really gets me is when they come out with a brand new phone … it rocks.  However, this pretty little phone, the brand new LG GD510 Mobile Phone is only going to be available in Europe for a while but I can promise it will come to the states soon enough!
The LG GD510 Mobile Phone will release next month and it is jam-freakin’-packed with all sorts of technology that I know you are going to love!  For example, a 3-inch WQVGA touchscreen display with a resolution of 240 x 400, a 3-megapixel camera, and a 8GB of storage space to store your captured pictures or videos. All of that in a fantastic friggin’ phone!  Please, please bring the LG GD510 to the states soon! LG is one of those brands that does not just make cell phones – but when they put their mind to a cell phone, they definitely commit to it and that is exactly what they have done for the Korean market through the LG Whistle phone.  This beautiful handset comes in four different colors – as listed here and it is by far one of the most beautiful phones in the world.  Whether you want blue, white, pink or black, LG should have something just for you! This phone is available right now for about 400,000 Won, which is about $319.00 in American dollars and it is so worth it! One thing that I noticed about the LG Viewty Smart is the fact that it looks so freakin’ sleek and chic as well.  It almost looks like a phone but honestly, the amount of camera that is in this phone is absolutely impeccable.
So if you are looking for a fantastic digital camera with a phone attached, you should absolutely take a look at the LG Viewty Smart! For example, the telecom provider Vodafone offers a Dutch prepaid package with a standard 1 GB data bundle. By entering the username and password for your Google account, you gain direct access to the Android Market with the LG Optimus Android, as well as all your calendar items and email conversations from your account. What makes the VX9800 unique is that it is not only a productive business phone but also designed to be a sophisticated multimedia phone. The phone comes with ED-VO (Evolution Data Optimized) technology that allows users to view 3gp and other streaming videos, as well as subscribe to commercial television channels at very high speeds.
Check the details and specs for all the basic features that are included with the LG VX9800.
The LG GD510 also has an optional solar panel add-on, which will replace the battery cover with a solar panel for recharging your battery. Thanks to the popularity of the platform, the content in this application market is continuously growing.
After you have used up this bundle, an extra bundle can be purchased or part of the phone tab can be saved monthly for a fair use internet bundle. Next to this Google functionality, the Google Maps Application, YouTube and Google Talk are of course pre-installed on the phone. You can chat with your friends or business clients via built in AOL Instant Messenger, MSN or Yahoo. Rather than just targeting business people, this phone enhanced by advanced audio, video and multimedia options is targeted for the more hi-tech consumer.
The phone also contains a 1.3 megapixel camera, that takes vibrant and awesome quality photos. More and more companies are getting their own application, for example, banks and supermarkets.
Just a Wi-Fi connection may also be sufficient, but with all the fun functions of the Android operating system, an internet bundle is necessary. With the latest version of Google Maps, all Android users can transform their cell phone into a full navigation system, including spoken navigation, without extra costs. Read the review below and find out:LG Crystal is a beautiful mobile phone by LG that has a transparent keypad.

Parallel to the LCD display is the stereo speakers that produce awesome quality sound for your MP3 music. It supplies a ton of filters and effects that you can use to spice up your photos, and just take high picture resolution photos. 4x optical zoom allows you to get closer to your photo spots without losing any or much resolution.
We can not say it is a very compact phone and very light, but it stands out for its robustness.The rubbery plastic casing is smooth, the same color (blue is a model and a dark gray).
We can also find games, themes, help programs for Android software and informative applications for weather, traffic and finances. Next to Google mail, other accounts can also be used in a special e-mail application; you often only have to enter the address and a password, after which the settings are sought.
This HSPA cellphone also has a touch screen with S-Class user interface, multi-touch input method, accelerometer, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The fun part about having different gathering locations for applications is that there is always something new so that you can enjoy your phone as if it were new again, or do a bit more with it. You can change the background of the main screen and choose from inbox or compose in the e-mail application. There is also a video-editor, which allows you to join photos and videos, add fun effects and text, and create a fun slideshow. The LG GT540 comes with a list of the top 10 Android applications, so that these are easy to download.
The video lasts for 3 minutes and 42 seconds and shows a quick overview of the main functions of the phone.
These keys make for easy operation, so that you always have all relevant functions in the same place. A breathtaking design with a technical background of respect, isn’t it?LG Crystal Coming from a very peculiar LG slider keypad features a transparent and illuminated with which interact to access the many features offered by this model.
Warning: This is not a phone that tries to mask with a scarcity design technique, far from it. They sell covers and all, so I guess a kid could buy another cover if they wanted another fashion look.This phone does not have a flip cover. The LG GD900 Crystal combines so appealing aesthetic qualities of the first order with technical specifications by no means trivial.Construction As mentioned, the design is one aspect that most glaringly obvious, at least initially.
The structure is typical of the kind of transparency slider and the games are really interesting and engaging, especially in low light conditions with the backlight. Basically one could call a mobile multitouch in which even the keyboard is proposed with this feature, and integrates seamlessly to interact with the interface similar to the Arena model.
The buttons must not be as touchy.The big plus with the Rumor and probably why no flip cover is that it has a slide out keyboard.
Otherwise you have to hit the number buttons once, twice or three times to get various letters. The touchscreen display has a diagonal 3-inch display 16 million colors and works at a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.
With this keyboard, it's like a typewriter.Now honestly I would never think to want a typewriter on my phone and would not have thought that would excite my son. The battery is lithium and the memory is expandable with microSD up to 16 GB.Conclusions Surely the LG GD900 Crystal seems like a very interesting and unusual cell. While most immediately striking for what is its main feature, the touchscreen keyboard is completely transparent at the same time did not disappoint expectations with regard to technical characteristics.
The sale price is not particularly low but then it is faced with what is offered by the manufacturer.
He and his friends send loads of text messages, and that's good that he has the keyboard on there. Here we have to deal with the new LG GD900, a cell phone really interesting for both the technical skills and for design solutions which have been adopted. He can whip those right out.One thing - be careful as you can send texts to the wrong person if you do not check. I would imagine these would not print well but send just fine.The phone also hooks up to the Internet. However, I won’t spent so much money to buy one… Blade and SoulMarch 20th, 2010 omg, i love it!

I don't think I could read it, but it seems fine for younger folks.My kid has had a lot of fun with his Rumor phone. His friends all were impressed as it's one of the first around here with the slide out keyboard. He has the small plan with 500 anytime minutes and only used 23 for the month, so he is really not a big caller.
So I'm glad Bob suggested this one as it has worked out great.No problems at all with this phone. I had a sore thumb from having no other choice but going without T9 word prediction on things such as Yahoo Messenger on the Easy Edge on my old phone, so I especially wanted something with a keyboard. I was not looking for another phone that flipped, so the sliding keyboard was a must have.The keys are small, so for men with larger fingers, this Qwerty Keyboard may not be for you.
The problem of freezing and bad battery life is an issue for me too, and over time, the problems have become really bad. Now, the battery will charge, then after you use the phone for a short while, it will tell you it’s low battery and turn off. Onto a nice soft robe on the floor, and the little cable that runs between the landscape and regular mode broke, and I had to take it in to be fixed, which was not ideal for me. The phone should have been able to withstand more.The bluetooth works very well on this phone, which is a problem I often had with my old Motorola. On the other hand, LOOOVE the wifi feature, and ienjoy being able to edit photos taken with the 8 megapixel camera right on the phone.
The phone has a built in MP3 player, with a very nice speaker for listening to various songs. The internal memory is rather small when it comes to music, so purchasing a Micro SD card is a mush.Another problem I have had with the LG Rumor is that it often restarts for no apparent reason.
I did have a software update which was supposed to fix this problem, and it did not.I like my phone, but I am not going to keep it beyond the 2 years on my contract. The keyboard fit great in my hands and was easy to use.PerformanceThis phone did exactly what I needed it for, primarily texting. I didn't have much need to go online with it and the few times I did browse the internet on this phone it was clunky and difficult to navigate.
However, I had to have it replaced twice in two years because the screen began to go fuzzy. The second time it got to the point where I could no longer read my screen and had to guess which button to push when I had an incoming call.Ease of UseVery intuitive.
I immediately had no trouble navigating this phone.DesignAt the time, I thought it was gorgeous. Just from normal use my x key stopped working after only 2 months and there was nothing they could do to fix it. When I turned it on, it just continually tried to power up but never actually got past the loading screen. My first phone I had like if you would put any pressure on it or anything it would simply cut off. The camera snaps pictures with a resolution of up to 2 Megapixels and incorporates an autofocus.Inside the KF300 is a 10 MB memory expandable through microSD cards. LG spends a lot of attention to the design of its mobile phones, this is also the LG KF300 the case.LG KF300 Multimedia Thanks to the LG KF300 integrated 2 megapixel camera, you can use this mobile phone photos. You can also use these mobile phones, video recording.LG KF300 Design As previously mentioned in the review, the LG KF300 with a beautiful design.
These buttons make it easy for the GSM phone to operate.In terms of music, the LG KF300 MP3 files or you can use the FM radio to hear the latest hits.
You need this GSM handset, can never be bored and wait with the music on the LG KF300 fun.LG KF300 Specs The compact clamshell LG KF300 fits with dimensions of 99 x 50 x 16 mm well in any pocket or handbag so your mobile phone you can carry. You know how alarming it is for people to experience excessive hair fall every time they wash and comb their hair.

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