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They can tout about how rugged it is all day, phone operation is terrible(not user friendly at all), the sound quality is the worst I have had on a cell phone in over 15 years.
If there's one thing you can absolutely guarantee of an alien invasion, it's that the aliens will strike while you're in the bath. Plus information about activities, reputation, in-game cash, upcoming free updates and much more.
An external, MicroSD, MicroSDHC (up to 16 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.
It also comes with Sonim's incredible three-year comprehensive warranty, and it's hard to put a price on peace of mind. The XP Strike won’t win any beauty contests, the OS is slow and dated and the camera is horrible.

Found out it had a self-timer on the camera function and when I turned the timer off it worked much better.
None of that matters, but what does is that it was able to withstand our testing, which at times went above and beyond what it is rated for. I can say it does work fine as a paperweight on my desk(rating of +10 for this purpose), might also work as a grip under your tire when you get stuck in the snow(have not had the opportunity to utilize for this function yet, but winter is coming). Phones will be virtually brand new since my staff cannot use them for the purpose intended.
This is found under options when the camera is activated, just keep scrolling through the options listed.
It isn't quite as tough as the XP Strike, and it doesn't come with Sonim's incredible warranty, but it does have a louder speaker and voice dialing, as well as a better camera.

Sonim has is a seriously tough phone for seriously tough users that may be more rugged than anything the famed Nextel lineup ever offered. Call quality is just not good enough.The Strike nails battery life, and connects to Sprint's network well.
It offers a smattering of apps (media, camera, browser) that some users might enjoy, but includes little in the way of flexibility of the menu system and doesn't even offer email.If you don't mind the inadequate call quality, then perhaps the Strike is for you. If you need a device that delivers a better voice experience, Sprint has several viable options.

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