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Dedicated cell phone sales professional with demonstrated success in retail management, product presentation, and customer service. RETAIL STORE SALES MANAGER, 20xx - 20xx ABC CELLULAR, Fall River, MA Recruited, hired, trained, developed, and directed retail sales teams for two retail ABC Wireless dealer stores. Implemented a sales-tracking spreadsheet to replace a manual form writing process to increase efficiency. Successfully managed one of the highest-producing ABC Wireless dealer locations in the San Diego market.
Created a team spirit within the stores that resulted in increased sales, long-term employees, and customer satisfaction. CELL PHONE SALESĀ  REPRESENTATIVE, 20xx - 20xx BCD CELL PHONE HUT, Fall River, MA Partnered with a high-performing sales staff to provided quality customer service. Effectively delivered post-sale care services, exceeding clients' expectations in a cost-effective manner.
Obtained significant business by delivering presale presentations to demonstrate new phone features. CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE, 20xx - 20xx CDE CELLULAR SERVICES, Fall River, MA Responded to billing inquiries, assisted in technical troubleshooting, and performed rate plan analysis. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time.
Cell phone sales have never slowed down since the first cell phone hit the market years ago. Be aware that previous sales experience is often not necessary to become a cell phone sales rep.
Make sure you point out other desirable skills when you apply to become a cell phone sales rep, such as being bi-lingual. Visit your local mall to see if any of the cell phone suppliers there are hiring cell phone sales reps. Many cell phone centers recognize that teenagers and young adults often make the best cell phone sales reps simply because they understand and use the technology more than any other market segment.

A cell phone sales rep often experiences career advancement opportunities if they stay with the same company for a certain length of time. Cell phone sales reps typically receive an hourly base rate in addition to commissions made from sales (sometimes referred to as "spiffs").
Some cell phone sales rep positions are only part-time, while others may be strictly seasonal (such as holiday sales). To become successful as a cell phone sales representative, a candidate should possess exceptional communication skills, both orally and in writing.
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Apple comes in on the index measuring Cellular Telephones at a score of 79, a -2.5% change from last year and just slightly above the average 78 score for all cell phones measured in the index. While Samsung has been steadily reporting a drop in mobile profits as it restructures its mobile division and sales of its Galaxy branded devices continue to decline, the ACSI gave the company an 81 score marking a 6.6% increase from last year. Served as a customer advocate; interfaced with the clients' designated program administrators to provide product and service solutions and meet individual customer needs.
Provided friendly and professional customer service while answering over 90 inbound calls per day.
That's why many cell phone carriers are always on the look out for qualified people who wish to become a cell phone sales rep. Most cell phone sales reps are required to exercise basic computer skills at the point of sale, to check on inventory for available stock, or to electronically send information about a cell phone number or customer to the customer service department. You should provide your educational background, your current contact information and an employment history, including any previous sales experience. However, what is required is a an outgoing personality, a strong sense of work ethics, the willingness to be a team player, an eagerness to provide excellent customer service and the ability to handle frequent rejection with professionalism.

Since young people make up a large percentage of cell phone sales reps, there is often a frequent turnover when students return to or graduate from school. This usually means following an experienced sales rep for a period of time to learn how to demonstrate different products, resolve customer service issues and returns, as well as how to sell aftermarket products, such as extended warranties. So, if you're still in school, or looking for your first job, cell phone sales might be just right for you.
Cell phone sales reps work mostly in retail establishments for manufacturers or wholesalers. More than 7 years professional at Leather case production, ensure Best quality of all the product. Earlier this month Gartner reported that Apple continued to see growth of iPhone sales and overall marketshare in Q3 at the expense of marketshare for Samsung and others. X could sell more products than Y, but those who bought Y are more satisfied than the percentage of those who bought X. Assisted customers with billing and expense management, post sale customer education on wireless service and equipment, issue resolution, and technical troubleshooting. Find out if this sales career path rings true for you by learning how to become a cell phone sales rep. This means you should be familiar with how to send and receive email and enter information into a data management system.
In addition, the winter season usually means more part-time position availability due to an increase in sales over the holidays.
Of course is Samsung has a decline in sales, then their sample size this year would be much smaller than the legions of people who bought Apple products.

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