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California governor Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would have prevented police officers from searching your cell phone without a warrant.
California governor Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would have prevented police officers from searching your cell phone without a warrant, Wired reports. In other words, California police remain free to search and record info on your cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices at the time of arrest. The governor's veto puts the bill in question, SB 914, back to the vote of the state legislature. Leno's bill was intended to override a California Supreme Court decision from January 2011, which granted police officers the right to search cell phones without a warrant. And as this is all taking place, companies from Apple to Microsoft to AT&T are also pursuing patents over technologies like "call transcription" and blatant wiretapping.
Cell phone search number, or perhaps better put, a cell phone number search, can relate to a couple of different ideas.

When you search for a service online, such as a cell phone number lookup, you may encounter a variety of companies offering to perform the service for you at some nominal fee. Sometimes, with a specific piece of information, you may be able to find what you're looking for simply by typing what little data you already have directly into a search engine.
The bill was authored by Senator Mark Leno and simply states: "SB 914 would have protected against the warrantless search of personal and private information contained on an arrestee's cell phone. The court's decision was led by Justice Ming Chin, who relied on decisions from the 1970s that allowed searches of cigarette packages and clothing seized during an arrest, but without a warrant. Sprint in 2009 legally provided police officers with customer data "more than 8 million times," Wired said in another report. Without the bill, police can go through your text messages, perhaps highlight messages that allude to, say, marijuana, and press drug charges as well. Antoine Jones—in order to decide whether or not police officers should be allowed to use cell phone trackers without a warrant.

Currently police officers can freely use data extraction devices (DED) like Stingray, KingFish, and TriggerFish, to track a person's whereabouts through their cell phones. Search may also include background records, carrier information, connection status, address History, and civil records.
In April, civil liberty groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) hounded the Michigan police department for more information surrounding its possession of DEDs, manufactured by CelleBrite, which can quickly extract cell phone data.
Search database also covers residential numbers, business numbers, 800 numbers, Unlisted Phone Numbers and pagers.
CelleBrite DEDs were originally intended for carriers to quickly transfer data to a new phone when you upgrade.

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