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Reverse Cell Phone Number Search Tool - Access owner info, address history, carrier, connection status, and location details for any phone number. Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tool - Use this program to instantly pull up the owner's name, address and even background information (criminal reports, credit records, court records, public records, etc). Reverse Telephone Lookup Tool - Access owner info, address history, carrier, connection status, and location details for any phone number. Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tool - Access owner info, address history, carrier, connection status, and location details for any phone number.
Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Tool - Access owner info, address history, carrier, connection status, and location details for any phone number.
A new type of phone directory that provides access to reverse phone number lookups offers users the ability to lookup the name associated with an unrecognized phone number.
For quite some time now, computer users have been able to use online versions of the Yellow and White Pages to look up personal and business listings, but what sets reverse cell phone searches apart from these traditional directories is the fact that they can be used to lookup phone numbers when a person does not have a mysterious caller’s name available. These very specialized searches are not much different form a normal query performed on an internet search engine. The reason why reverse phone search directories are such an effective tool in the battle against unwanted and unsolicited phone calls is that they lift the veil of protection from anonymous callers so that real name and alternate contact information can be gathered immediately. If you have tried to contact a telemarketing firm without the necessary information before, you know how frustrating it can be to remove yourself from call lists. If you are already listed on a Do Not Call list, the unsolicited calls you receive are considered illegal and the company responsible could be subject to large fines. In 1997 the use of cell phones had become so popular that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a study that assessed the potential dangers in the growing use of wireless phones. Since the invention of cell phones their usefulness and portability has lent them to mass production and consumption. When the NHTSA released its study the report was responding to the alarming increase in driver distraction posed by cell phones. Thought fumbling with the cell phone itself was a more dangerous activity than your conversation?
The National Safety Council reports that in simulated driving tests, those subjects that were asked to carry on a cell phone conversation were so distracted that they went unaware of some traffic signals. Broken further down into cell phone tasks, the results showed overwhelmingly that talking on the cell phone led to the highest level of incidents, an astounding level of near crashes, and, where cell phone use contributed to driver distraction, cell phone conversation led to the most crashes.

Results that may lead to further cell phone modifications and safety features, such as voice-activated dialing and speed dialing, were the results that showed using a phone with either feature led to many fewer incidents.
So, the auto safety industry is able to isolate the two most concrete factors in cell phone use that lead to unsafe driving situations or to crashes. When it comes to manual manipulation of cell phones teens comprise perhaps the largest population of drivers distracted by dialing and text messaging. Not only is texting a major cause of driving incidents among teens, but most of them know it.
As if the safety issues associated with cell phones and driving was not enough, the NHTSA study also solidified a critically important concept relative to the abundance of cell phones on the road: 911 reports are more conveniently made from the road, but the system is often clogged with too many carbon copy calls for the same accident. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage Royalty Free ImagesStock Photography & Royalty Free Stock Photos licensed by Publitek, Inc. Database search includes cell, residential, business, pager, toll-free, and unlisted phone numbers. Enter the cell phone number of the person you want to find, and instantly access their name, address history, connection status, carrier, and background records. By performing a reverse cell phone search on that number, users can find out who the number belongs to before answering the call. They always claim they will remove your information in a few days, but the calls never seem to stop coming, often times even more frequently than before. In these cases, a reverse cell phone directory can play a major role in helping to screen your calls effectively.
It was not the first, and it certainly was not the last study to be launched in pursuit of cell phone safety measures. The cost has exponentially deflated, as well, which means almost everyone can afford the convenience. When analyzing crash data the agency discovered a wide berth of information, some that seemed potentially erroneous or inconclusive, at best, based on limitations in crash data.
Given the fact that most studies have concurred that cell phones pose a threat to safety because of the behaviors they inspire, it is in keeping with the fact that most actual crashes were not the direct result of cell phone use. Texting, as it’s called, is the number one way teens communicate via cell phone with friends quickly and conveniently. For teens the practice allows them complete privacy from nearby listeners; and they can carry on insignificant, quick response tasks to which a whole cell phone call seems less suited.

Many incident reports continue to lack the proper data collection that would consider driver behavior just before an accident.
Full reports available for any phone number in the USA and Canada, with some limited international coverage as well. However, when you know the name of the company responsible and you have their direct line, you will likely notice a quick end to unsolicited phone calls. Currently the data that exists suggests that legislative measures are responsive to consumer advocates for cell phone control as well as to lobbyists for the cell phone industry. That conversation involves quite large chunks of your thought, which according to study simulations sucks the life out of your driving concentration, especially your ability to react when seconds count.
It seems that the more emotionally engaged the subject the less attentive to safety signals.
However, the huge increase in incidents is largely instigated by manual cell phone manipulation, with passenger interaction a close second.
Some studies have shown that drivers themselves believe that cell phones are a bigger distraction than any other behavior in which they engage while driving.
Combine this activity with the fact that most teens lack the driving experience and savvy of more mature drivers and the situation is potentially volatile. A handful of states include cell phone data on crash documents, but still advocates against their use manage to twist the results, which are unremarkable. Fotosearch helps you find the perfect royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon. The results were unaffected by whether the subject manually held the phone or if the mechanism was hands free, a reason why some believe hands-free initiatives are a weak and ineffectual way to control cell phone use while driving, and allegations that use of a cell phone impairs a driver’s ability as much as driving drunk.
For example, California in 2002 reported over 491,000 crashes in a 6-month time frame; of those over 5,600 reportedly were caused by inattention and of those only 600 were directly attributed to cell phone use. Buy pictures and get immediate image file downloads, or get fast, cheap delivery on CD-ROM or DVD.

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