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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. A judgement presented by the Ontario Court of Appeal validated the search of an unlocked cellphone.
Protect your cell phone with a password or the police might have the right to look through it, a court ruling ordered last week. The Court of Appeal of Ontario, in a recent ruling for an appeal attempt by Kevin Fearon, has deemed it acceptable for police officers to search through a suspect’s cell phone upon arrest.

Since the definition of a cell phone isn’t completely determined in legal terms, a warrant would not be required and cursory look will be allowed.
Brown did note that this ruling for this particular appeal doesn’t automatically give each police officer the right to check everyone’s phone, but what a cop can and cannot do with cell phones is still foggy. For Brown, this ruling signaled a need for the courts to have a discussion on the future of mobile and Internet security. Fearon was arrested in 2009 for a jewelry theft in Toronto when police found incriminating evidence on his cell phone upon his arrest.

This ruling might also have the potential for abuse from authorities especially if the suspect in question isn’t aware of their full rights. Officials, however, do not have the right to search through a phone that is password protected and will have to request a warrant in that situation.

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