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If you have a cell phone then you must have seen “no service” in the phone and you may have also seen only few bars of signals which make the cell phone unable to work properly. If your cell phone have a signal problem, you may consider this SignalBoost MobilePro from Wilson Electronics.
Kit contains an amplifier, Low-Profile inside antenna, 6-foot coaxial extension cable, universal external antenna adapter and a power cable that plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter.
Cell phone signal boosters (or cellular repeaters) are bidirectional amplifiers designed to boost the mobile phone reception using internal signal amplifiers, reception antennas and rebroadcast antennas. Although there are models that don’t have an external directional antenna, this component is very important for signal strength. I live in hilly area and signal used to get week any time, time back a friend of mine suggested to use cell phone booster which i considered. I’m looking into buying a cheap yet effective signal booster for our camp house out in the woods.  Any suggestions?
It’s determined by your conditions of the signal strength outside, the systems you want to support, how large the areas you want to cover? Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
Tim and I are on the way to Anderson Island, Washington, which doesn’t have high-powered cell phone coverage. In the world of turbo-charged digital superhighways, what allows us to get a 5-bar connection with God?
When you  pray,  under what circumstances do you get five bars in your connection with God? In the twenty-first century, most of us stay connected with our families, careers, and ministries with some kind of a cellular, whether it’s a dinosaur like I own, or a smart phone with all the bells and whistles.
Sign up to receive my blog by email and get my FREE 7-part series, “30 1-Minute Prayers.” Frame your thoughts and transform your day! It is very bad to feel what it is like when you need the signals and you didn’t get them, thus a result of this you are unable to make calls.

With their new product you will greatly reduces your signal dropped and it also will extends your signal range and increases data rates.
External antennas collect good cellular signal, and then it is transmitted to an amplifier, which retransmits the signal locally. Most service providers won’t make new towers in rural areas, because housing density is low.
For example, people who live in buildings that have thick concrete or too much metal are likely to have problems with cellular signal. Equal distribution of the signal in all directions is considered the main advantage of an internal rebroadcast antenna. Some models can only provide gain between 20 db and 50 db, but there are also better (and more expensive) models that provide more than 50 db.
Now after installing it i do not get any signal problem at my home, it is miraculous product. Most of us stay connected with our families, careers, and ministries with a cell, but when we’re on the road, what determines a clear signal? And the farther away we drift, somehow things get scrambled when we go to sort out His message. Spending time alone with Him with no interference from the TV, computer, or radio provides for me the best flow of  God thoughts. Divine vision, both corporate and personal, seems to surface the most when we practice the presence of God.
In this situation you face dropped calls, missed calls and out of service signal when you try to call another person. The SignalBoost MobilePro will increases power to the cell site up to 20 times over the cell phone alone. This device can be powered via your vehicle cigarette lighter , laptop USB port or AC outlet while you are on the go. Larger external antennas will provide much better signal, but smaller antennas can also improve the mobile signal strength.

A cell phone booster can increase the phone’s battery life, because it is near the phone and less power is needed for broadcasting the signal to a bidirectional amplifier.
Another thing you should know is that cell phone signal boosters cannot create a signal in places where there is no any signal at all.
If the signal strength is too low, you may have trouble completing a call or receiving data. All of this problem can be solved if you install a cell phone signal booster kit at your home or office.
And if you can make a call, the likelihood that a call may drop or a data connection is interrupted is higher. For me, when there’s a quiet time and place to be alone, I listen for the voice of God.
After installing a cell phone repeater at your home, you will no longer have to shout out” Can you hear me now?
If you are guy who travel a lot to different places then these cell phone signal amplifiers can be really useful to you because they provide you full signals throughout the tour.
Because these antennas get attached on the truck, car or the bus in which you are travelling in and you get all the signals in you cell phone which enables you to use to cell phone even in woods. You can connect the antenna of the device outside your vehicle and the phone is connected inside the vehicle with the use of wire. There are many companies out there in the market which make wireless boosters, these boosters are completely wire free and they don’t need any cable to work. It really doesn’t matter which kind of booster you are using, after purchasing a booster you are guaranteed to have a stronger and better network than before and you will surely have more bars than ever before.

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