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Old Man Makes Cardboard Toys at New Haven Register -- I thought this was the coolest story!
Cardboard Lego Playhouse at Make and Takes: I made this playhouse out of a yogurt box for Make & Takes - super easy and fun!
Yesterday he took an old graham cracker box and turned it into a house for his felt zombies to live in!

Here's a quick toy you can whip up in thirty seconds using recycled cardboard: a cardboard cell phone. You can make many toys out of regular cardboard; these simple toys will inspire your child's imagination and give them lots of room for pretend play.
Other toys to make out of cardboard: tools, kitchen appliances, playhouses, or even figurines to play with.
She has a small stash of them in the garage and wants to get some big boxes and make a huge train out of them!

I guess I will need to look around on here more so I can ‘step outside the box’ and let her get her creativity on with the boxes!

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