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Thousands of New Yorkers attempting to get back to work after Superstorm Sandy faced a second day of travel misery on Friday as buses and trains continued to run a limited service.People streamed into the city as a handful of buses trundled through the city and subways opened in upper Manhattan and parts of Queens. Mayor Bloomberg ordered residents to share cars after heavy traffic crawled into Manhattan on Thursday. People also lined up to use public telephones after Sandy left millions without cell phone coverage. A 7-Eleven store set up charging stations outside it's store for people to charge their cell phones in midtown in New York.
There have been various concerns, ranging from trucks getting held up at gun point to the fact that the rule disproportionately impacts the poorest of the city, since the metal detectors are installed in schools located in the highest crime areas. Local businesses earn $4.2 million a year by providing storage for New York City public school students' cell phones during the school day, a team of New York Post reporters recently discovered. That means the cottage industry rakes in a whopping $22,800 a day because of the cellphone ban inside city public schools, according to the Post. But parents and students continue to pay, often up to a dollar a day, to make sure their children have a phone on the commute home for safety reasons. The storage businesses, often housed in trucks or local stores, are located around the 90 or so high schools and middle schools that have metal detectors.

Controversy over the cellphone ban flared again last week when robbers held up The Safe Mobile Storage Corp.
In 2006, 88 of the city's 1,200 buildings received metal detectors to combat students bringing weapons to school.
The schools without detectors don't seem to enforce the mobile phone ban unless the phone is out in the open, the Post reported. Some students even told the Post that they are sacrificing lunch money in order to store their phones outside of their schools. When AT&T was ready to expand its cell phone store in Times Square, it called on Richard M. When the venerable candy maker was ready to update its image, Fanny Farmer Candy Stores turned to Richard M. Over 15 years of rapid expansion, Silo, an electronics retailer, needed exciting and recognizable store designs suitable to diverse locations and conditions. Nature’s Elements, a retailer of skin and hair care products, commissioned Richard M. Savvy commercial clients understand that, in addition to high-caliber products and marketing strategies, the very character of retail spaces - the way they are planned, furnished, finished and lit - is a critical factor in their success.

The rule isn’t totally enforced still, but definitely in action in the approximately 90 schools that have metal detectors.
Other companies include Safe Mobile Storage, Cell Secure Electronic Storage, Smart Dock, Archangel and Holding Cell. Cole & Associates started with the end-user firmly in mind to determine program and, ultimately, a workable retail design for the then-fledgling industry. Cole & Associates to design and implement construction of 25 stores in only nine months. The first company to hit the streets was Pure Loyalty Electronic Device Storage, which we saw yesterday.
Cole & Associates has planned and designed more than 1,300 stores, restaurants and shopping centers in 30 states, providing a range of services including site analysis, prototype development, store design and construction administration, with an emphasis on meeting the client's business objectives, schedule and budget.
Teens were lining up to collect, and turns out these mobile trucks are part of a booming business that only exists in New York–because cell phones and other devices–are banned from all New York City public schools.

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