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I’ve actually shopped here since I have T-Mobile service – and these guys are quite resourceful! WTF did they say?animal_lover on Parks not needed in HobokenSidewalks are the new recreation areas of the City. Washington’s Most Wanted works with local, state and federal law enforcement, along with the community, to bring fugitives to justice. The Snohomish County Violent Offender Task Force is on the hunt for tattooed-terror, Duane Miller.
Cops say this surveillance photo shows the scam artist who tricked an elderly man into paying him $1,500.
What’s especially troubling about this crook is what he’s willing to do to get into people’s homes. Lynnwood police officers assigned to the department’s Special Operations Section captured Dion Thorne on New Year’s Day.

Seattle Police say Shareena Cradle, shown above with red hair, did the right thing and surrendered Monday.
The Snohomish County Violent Offender Task Force says Joshua Tanoai was arrested on Tuesday night. SEATTLE — A rare piece of Washington State Patrol history has turned up, an authentic 1949 Ford sedan used as a patrol car. SEATTLE — Michael Freeman was on his way to a friend’s house at the Yesler Terrace Apartments when he walked right into the middle of trouble. BELLEVUE — An attack on two women in broad daylight was caught on camera in the parking lot at the Bellevue Walmart.
Now, police need your help identifying the robbers who detectives said were clearly stalking the victims.
SPOKANE — Detectives say a the same woman is responsible for three pill robberies last weekend in Spokane.

It was May 14, 1991 on I-5 South near Kalama when one semi-truck crashed into another killing two people instantly. The Department of Corrections says Christopher Pleger was arrested on December 23rd, but failed to report with the DOC after being released from jail — so he’s wanted again.
7, 2014 –Another great capture proving that thanks to Washington’s Most Wanted viewers, Crime Stoppers and our law enforcement partners, there really is nowhere left to hide for dangerous fugitives! Peter Xayasounthone is a violent offender and known gang member that has ties all across the state.

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