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Four people were taken into custody early Sunday evening after they robbed a T-Mobile store in Torrance and led police on a brief vehicle pursuit, officials said. Torrance police officers point their weapons at the occupants of a vehicle after a pursuit on April 10, 2016.
They fled in a vehicle northbound on Crenshaw Boulevard, and were spotted by officers at the intersection of Crenshaw and West Carson Street, O'Steen said. A chase ensued.

News video shows the pursuit ending shortly afterward when a patrol vehicle performs a PIT maneuver on the small sedan. Several officers point their weapons at the car, then order the four male occupants to step out onto the street one at a time. The four suspects, who were armed with handguns, took a "large" number of iPads and cellphones -- one of which was equipped with a tracking device, according to the lieutenant.

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