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The House of Assembly will be focused on debating the Value Added Tax (VAT), which will involve an increase on mobile services such as voice, data and text messaging. Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler, announced that he was meeting with officials from telecommunications companies to work out the technical details of the tax, which has sparked debate.
Minister of Education, Ronald Jones recently defended the tax, stating that it would benefit the education system, as he announced that proceeds from it will be going to his Ministry. The IRS says it is looking to make it easier for taxpayers to comply with recordkeeping requirements for employer-provided cell phones.
Under Internal Revenue Code Section 132, an employee may exclude from gross income the business use of an employer-provided cell phone as a working condition fringe benefit.
Because each state and many localities can impose cell phone taxes, and because they can be imposed as a percentage or as a flat rate, there are numerous taxes which vary widely. However, because cell phones are listed property in Code Section 280F, strict substantiation requirements must be satisfied for business cell phone usage to qualify for the code Section 132 exclusion. IRS is considering a proposal that would allow employers to use statistical sampling techniques to measure an employee’s personal use of an employer-provided cell phone.

Notable among local jurisdictions, Baltimore, Maryland imposes a $4 per line per month tax on wireless users on top of federal and state charges.
Researchers have found it difficult to create a database of cell phone taxes, and cell phone companies have encountered similar problems in calculating the taxes. Moreover, any personal usage of an employer-provided cell phone is a taxable fringe benefit.
In general, an employer could use an approved statistical sampling methodology similar to that provided in Rev.
That period has also seen a fall in landline telephones, with 34 percent of households now only using wireless phones. This trend toward cell phones has not gone unnoticed by state and local governments, many of which have targeted wireless services for higher taxes. According to Tax Foundation, this can be a serious problem for cell phone businesses because they collect the taxes from subscribers and can be held legally accountable for any mistakes—both over-collection and under-collection. These measures, which had bipartisan support, and were backed by a number of companies and business associations, were never enacted. Thus, the current rules require documentation of the business and personal use of the cell phone.

2004-29 for substantiating meals and entertainment, to determine the percentage of personal use of employer-provided cell phones. The employer would multiply that percentage times the value of each employee’s total usage to determine the value of personal usage. The remaining portion of the employee’s usage would be deemed to be for business purposes. O and robbers want her to pay for it .she call up robbers and robbers told her its a third-party so she had to pay $50 bucks and like u said it suppose to be free Reply some guy June 16, 2015 at 6:26 amDid you 2 even read the article?

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