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They were first manufactured in a size similar to a brick (think Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell) and then shrunk to the scale of a cracker. In the 1980s, man made the first cell phone network for mass consumers, and it was fairly decent. Messaging systems also got their big break in 2G with the introduction of short messaging service (SMS).
Things started to snowball in cellular technology as not one, but two additional generations quickly hit the scenes in the late 90s.
The United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which set worldwide telecommunications standards, had put 3G specifications into place as new cellular technology was just being released. As the generations pass, cell phones and their networks are quickly moving away from telephony and more towards computing.
So… Where does this leave someone who just wants a damn PHONE without the liability of GPS tracking attached?
The web is a great resource for wellness information, and this medical blog can give you some great ideas to improve your health. According to the analysis, cell phone users with young children are more likely than other cellular users to currently own almost all of the 16 household technologies measured by Scarborough. This consumer group also represents some of the cell phone community’s most avid online shoppers. Toys and Games: Perhaps not surprisingly, cellular users with young kids at home are 85 percent more likely to have shopped online for toys or games during the past year.
In terms of spending, they are 21 percent more likely than other cellular users to have spent $2,500 or more online during the past year.

Model No: BAT-PHONE Offers all kinds of replacement mobile phone batteries for Motorola , Nokia , LG , Sony Ericsson , Samsung , Panasonic, Siemens, Benq and other brands.
And then there is a cell phone’s capability—at their inception they could only make static-filled phone calls, while today we use them for anything but calls.
Their popularity helped revolutionize data and communication networks; like the latest satellite technology from wildbluedeals and wireless communications.
The first generation of wireless telephony was completely analog based, unlike its progeny that runs on digital systems.
Hardly what one would call advanced; it was as if your cell phone was just as powerful as your ham radio.
In the early 1990s, digital TDMA-based systems were introduced—GSM first in Europe and D-AMPS in the U.S.
Data transfer became grew in importance with the release of General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) networks, mainly because cell phones could now actually transfer it.
In this generation cell phones not only became more powerful, but also lighter and thinner with colorful and interactive displays.
Cell stations for 4G are even eliminating routing equipment, becoming smaller and more efficient, as phone calls rely solely on VoIP. While the first generation enjoyed the novelty of making a phone call from a car, the current generation wants their phones to help them decide which restaurant nearby serves the best sushi.
Some of us don’t want integration of cameras, music players, textmessaging, and all that other junk, we just want a portable telephone at an affordable rate. Some are fun and some will make you more productive, so check back for great ways to enhance your smartphone.

Make sure you're not getting suckered into for-profit college scams that leave you with no job and huge debt. These families might be watching children’s programming on a local PBS station in the morning, and their child might play a PBS game on the iPad later in the day.
They are more likely than other cellular users to browse the majority of online shopping categories measured by Scarborough. With digital technology, voice quality improved, security was stronger and power was increased, while equipment became less expensive and more refined (i.e.
That gave users the power to exchange and capture images and video, watch TV on the go and have full Internet access to surf the Web and download music.
Then you might just have an iPad, a Blu-Ray disc player, VoIP, and a wide variety of other high-tech items in your household, according to Scarborough. It’s an ecosystem of brand connectivity that provides a myriad of opportunities,” said Deirdre McFarland, vice president of marketing, Scarborough and mother of two children age five and under. They are more likely to shop at some of the country’s most established discount retailers, such as Walmart® and Target®, as well as at dollar stores.
A recent analysis of cell phone users with one or more children ages five and under at home, who account for about one-fifth (19 percent) of the mobile phone-using population, finds that technology is a common theme throughout the homes of these young, mobile phone using families.

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