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According to a story in this week’s RCR Wireless News, building and climbing towers (which can be hundreds of feet tall) is more dangerous than ranching, fishing, logging, and even ironworking. Purchase of property with existing tower Apr 17, 16 10:28 AMOkay, so as far as I can tell the previous owner can retain, payments of previous lease?
A new contribution to Southern literature from one or both of the Kennedy brothers, authors of the classic The South Was Right! Published a year after the war, it provides the best argument every assembled in one book for the constitutional right of secession.
A Collection of insightful essays on how Southerners think of themselves in the light of how they are perceived by outside cultural elites. An article by article and clause by clause analysis of the Constitution ratified by the founding generation of 1787 and 1788, a Constitution quite different from what the political class in Washington understands. Fleming (editor of Chronicles, A Magazine of American Culture) explains how the morality embedded in the ideology of liberalism leads to the decadence of morality in contemporary American society. A study of thinkers who exemplify conservatism in a Jeffersonian idiom rather than a Hamiltonian. A history of the "city on a hill" metaphor from its Puritan beginnings to its role in American "civil religion" today.
A readable, comprehensive treatment of the constitutionality of State interposition and nullification. In this thoroughly researched and magisterial two volume work, Wood shows how nullification was an “American” constitutional principle (essential to republicanism), and not merely a Southern sectional one.
Essays raising the question of whether the United States has become simply too large for self-government and should be divided into a number of Unions of States as Jefferson thought it should.
A historical novel (as close to historical detail as a novel can be), about Major James Breathed, an officer of horse artillery for JEB Stuart.

Explores the "traditionalist" conservatism that originated with John Crowe Ransom, Donald Davidson, and Allen Tate and continued with their intellectual descendants, Cleanth Brooks, Richard Weaver, and Melvin Bradford. Smith shows how Evangelical revivalism in the colonial South Carolina low country had origins in Roman Catholic mysticism, Huguenot Calvinists and German pietism.
A collection of this prize winning poet’s work set in his home region of rural Louisiana, a place which views the world from a conservative, southern agrarian perspective. Explores how distilling originated in Kentucky with it’s first settlers in 1775, and takes the viewer to the sites of Central Kentucky’s earliest distilling operations.
Chronicles the history of the design and creation of a flag that became the prototype for the famous Confederate battle flags.
The first and definitive documentary film on the entire life of patriot and president, Jefferson Davis. Hard to blame carriers for wanting to get faster networks up and running, but not at the cost of human life.
The original strength of our American republic was found in the ability to supply our own needs.
Everyone interested in the overall design of the Constitution ratified by the several States in 1788 should read this book. Calhoun under the pen names of “Patrick Henry” and “Onslow.” This important, but little known debate, about the limits of federal power is arguably more salient now than when it occurred. Lee to consider the role of political leadership under extremely difficult circumstances, examining Lee as statesman rather than just a military leader and finds that many of Lee’s assertions are still relevant today.
Classically educated, deeply religious, and preparing for a career in medicine when his country was invaded, he reluctantly became a fierce warrior. This disposition, usually identified only with Evangelicals, touched even high Anglicans and Catholics making possible a bond of low country patriotism in the Revolutionary era.

The hand-stitched silk flag with gold painted stars was borne by the Fifth Company of the Washington Artillery of New Orleans through the Battles of Shiloh and Perryville.
Locations include New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and more.“Interceptor use in the US is much higher than people had anticipated,” he told the website.
DeRosa reveals Lee’s awareness that the victory of the Union over the Confederacy placed America on the path towards the demise of government based upon the consent of the governed, the rule of law, and the Judeo-Christian American civilization. The flag was designed and made for the army after the first battle of Manassas as a military necessity and wholly without the authority or even the knowledge of the Confederate government.
We even found one at South Point Casino in Las Vegas.”Although these interceptors act as fake cell phone towers, they are not necessary large, physical structures. They could simply be small mobile devices that act exactly like a real tower, deceiving phones into giving up information. Jones’s flag, sewing circles of more than four hundred women in Richmond sewed 120 flags made from Ms. He speculated that the operators could be American agencies or foreign governments.“What we find suspicious is that a lot of these interceptors are right on top of US military bases. In Oakland, California, police are looking to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade their cell phone surveillance system.Meanwhile, police in Tacoma, Washington have caught the eye of civil liberties advocates after the News Tribune revealed they have been using interceptor equipment to catch cell phone calls for the last six years. Some, including Mayor Marilyn Strickland, said it was legitimate for police to do so as long as people’s rights were not violated.

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