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A GPS chip receives a signal from a government satellite to give directions based on the location of the device or of the person who has it. A cell phone tracking system involves pinpointing the location of a mobile phone to track the person using it.
If a cell phone has a chip that works with the Global Positioning System (GPS), it can be easier to track.
Generally, the GPS feature or the device is not able to send out signals, and it can only receive them. Although most emergency telephone systems are equipped with upgraded E911 features, there are some that are not. I used to think tracking systems on cell phones were kind of in the realm of Big Brother, but I don't feel that way anymore.
The nice thing about a locator is that, if your phone is lost or stolen, the company can find it.
Global Real Time Cell Phone Tracking Software, View cell phone tracking software, Trackpro Product Details from Shenzhen TrackPro Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Global Real Time Cell Phone Tracking Software  Our TS20 is a server-based tracking software platform for web and pc based GPS tracking.
The technology has advanced so much that now there are different methods available for keeping an eye on your child no matter how far away you are.
You can readily consider an example of GPS tracking device for kids to get a better idea about the way it works and how much it costs. The cell phone GPS tracking services designed for monitoring children differ in terms of comprehensiveness and price.
As technology has improved over the past few decades, cell phones have only gotten better and better.Though most people do not stop to consider the idea, it is still an amazing feat even today that what was once only an idea presented in movies and novels, has now become our number one modern-day communication device.
The first piece of technology that makes cell phones work is the series of servers that cell phone companies setup and maintain to store data.
The final and most widely used piece of technology involved in cell phone communication is the cell phone itself. PCS is a term that applies to the radio broadcasting range of 1850-1900 Mhz, which all cell phones use to communicate with each other. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and is more popular in Europe and other countries than in the United States. CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access and refers to the way that the radio signal that is broadcasted and received by your cell phone is handled. Those conducting the tracking can use the features on the phone to obtain a physical location for the person carrying it.
Any 911 call from a cell phone is automatically routed to what is known as an Public Safety Answering Point, a call center that routes messages to the police, ambulance, or fire emergency service. It also enables cell phone tracking, however, but only with the help of the cell phone company.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Full functioning requires payment of a subscription at a daily rate that varies depending on the length of time of the contract. Parents who need the ability to track their children’s phone usage will find this app very useful.
You may be able to set the tracking service so that you receive information on the location of your child at certain intervals.
In general, the more comprehensive the device and the service are the more expensive they will be. When a phone with a SIM card is switched on, it emits a signal that all transmission towers in the area pick up. You can track any cell phone device irrespective of the brand, model and year of production. Many people have even disconnected their landline telephones and replaced them with cell phones. All of your cell phone records as well as the actual information that makes up phone calls, text messages, pictures, and Internet access is stored within a server much like the hard drive of the computer that you are accessing to read this article. Cell phone companies build thousands of towers around a specific area in order to create a network in which cell phone customers can communicate within. While servers and towers are key to store and transfer information, it is the cell phone itself that serves as the creation point of that information. While PCS may not hold any personal significance to you, PCS is a rather important feature of cell phone communication as it allows for cell phones to transmit and receive information wirelessly without other devices causing interference with the broadcast.
In CDMA, each user is separated by a different spectrum of the radio broadcasting range and is protected by a code. Like CDMA, TDMA also separates users by spectrums but instead of protecting the signal by a code, TDMA uses a time-based algorithm to process calls. Like Scrbblchick, I think tracking a cell phone location could help find someone who might be in trouble. The feature could be very good for a vulnerable person, like a senior citizen or someone with a mental disability or mental illness who wanders away from home. You simply need to subscribe to a GPS tracking service and install a software program on the device which your kid uses. A special GSM tracking technology processes the signal received by the different towers and produces the location of the device and consequently of the child that carries it.
With the ability to make phone calls, send and receive text messages and pictures, and even access the Internet, cell phones have become a permanent fixture in our society. A tower is both a transmitter that passes information from the server to your cell phone as well as a receiver that can pick up information that your cell phone broadcasts. When you dial a number, send a text message, or attempt to access the Internet, your cell phone interprets that data and broadcasts it as a radio signal that the tower can pick up, relay to the server, retrieve the information back from the server, and broadcast out to the recipient's cell phone.
The majority of cell phone services in the United States currently use PCS as it is necessary for cell phones to communicate with other wireless networks.

SIM cards allow you to store your phone's personal data such as your contact list, pictures, notes, calendar, and any other personal data that you may have and then transfer that information to a new phone by simply putting the SIM card in the new phone.
This method ensures that the cell phone call does not encounter interference, which is the leading cause of dropped calls and bad signals.
Basically, TDMA takes your call or text and puts it in a line behind a few other people who are also transmitting data, and, when the other users' data has been transferred, your data will also be sent.
These folks might be too confused to find their way home, and even if they did dial 911, they might not know where they are.
The parent can monitor the child’s location on a map from any computer, tablet or smart phone with an internet connection. Without the tower, cell phone users would not be able to access the server and it would therefore be impossible to communicate via cell phones. This method allows for companies to take on a lot more customers and expand their network by processing multiple users per spectrum. Once completed, the application installs on the phone, but does not show up in any application list.
The most popular GPS tracker accessories for children are watches, wristbands and bracelets and ankle bracelets.
Some kid GPS tracker devices have a special SOS button that the child can push in case of an emergency. Additionally, you are entitled to a number of free searches once you subscribe for the service. In this article, we will explore the many aspects of communication that make cell phones operate and even define several terms that you may have come across when dealing with cell phones that you previously did not understand. The program allows the account holder to sign in via the Web site and track most aspects of the phone usage. This includes phone calls, data usage, Web usage, and the phone’s GPS location, among others. As long as the phone was turned on and was with the person, they would have something to track their whereabouts.
All tracking occurs behind the scenes and the phone’s user has no indication it is occurring. The tracking application can also be removed using the Web site, and there is no way to do so on the phone, itself.

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