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Talking on a cell phone, texting, use of MP3 or other devices at work is distracting and can significantly impact productivity.  This becomes a critical issue especially when the communication distraction isn’t work-related.
A dump truck driver using his cell phone doesn’t notice the traffic slowing and rear ends a car stopped in traffic killing the woman driver. For more information about cell phone and other distractions in the work place and policy to protect employees at work give the professionals at EHS Partnerships Ltd. These courses are the first step towards qualifying as a solicitor or barrister or as preliminary training for careers where legal knowledge is an asset.
With many universities offering an impressive range of short academic and professional courses, students will gain an introduction to the basic concepts and methods of legal study and the classification of common law. The capital is an unrivalled location for studying Law, with many classes being taught by internationally respected academics and visiting lecturers from leading City law firms. Many graduates who enrol on this course successfully go on to complete their vocational training and obtain valuable solicitors training contracts. Student participation and discussion in seminars is actively encouraged and due to the nature of short courses considerable emphasis is placed on giving individual attention and advice to students.

Applicants who have not previously completed a course of higher education may still be able to apply for admission on Law Degree courses. Critical skills required to prepare them for a future profession or further academic study. Are networking events held where you can make contact with key industry players who may be looking to recruit graduates in the future.
Enquire about the range of legal resources that are available to students on the campus, for instance online tutorials, the library, referencing material, IT services and support staff. Check out the non-academic support services, including: personal tutor schemes, counselling, financial advice and any social activities.
Having said that the programmes are also designed for students who would simply like to study law and obtain a qualification which can be helpful for a range of careers outside law, whether in commerce, administration or teaching.
They will graduate with a thorough knowledge of principles of law in certain core and optional areas such as Legal History, Criminology and Human Rights. It is an opportunity to be educated by the best legal minds and see things from their point of view.

Others will use their degree to develop an existing legal career, to further their academic skills, or as preparation for postgraduate study. Law students are typically taught in small groups by academics who are themselves distinguished in their own particular fields, and who bring to the classroom their own experiences and knowledge of law in the real world. To encourage applications from all social groups some universities have provisions where in special circumstances the usual formal educational requirements may be waived.
You will be close to the heart of legal London and only a short distance from the offices of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Royal Courts of Justice and the Old Bailey.

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