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This phone needs to come to america for verizon I need a small phone that can be on me at all times because I can’t keep track of anything but my watch. The Verizon Samsung Reality U820 cell phone has two color options – Piano Black and City Red. When I switched from a pay-as-you-go phone to a contract deal from Verizon a couple years ago, I opted for the cheapest plan the Best Buy employee would offer me: 450 minutes of anytime calls for $45, plus $5 for 250 text messages. Last week, I called Verizon and threatened to switch carriers because I didn’t feel I was getting a good deal.
This entry was posted in Cool Stuff Found, Technology and tagged cool stuff found by Carolyn. It was because of Verizons untrustworthy deals and forced two year contracts that I switched to Diverse Mobility. I’m on a plan with V that charges me $100 per year period for unlimited phone calls during that time.

The Verizon Nokia Twist cell phone is very cool Hope they sell some pretty heavy duty screen protectors for this.
The new Reality U820 features include a 3-inch touch screen display, full horizontal slide-out QWERTY keyboaard, customizable widgets, and multiple messaging options.
As soon as I can switch my plan without being hit with a fee, I should call them and try the same. It rewards customers for loyalty to the company by offering better plans as time goes on, and the longer you stick with the company, the more free shit you get.
Not quite as powerful as smartphones out there but If all you are looking for a a durable phone you can text with this will do the job. I look at that thing, and I know that if I bought it, it’d become permanently attached to my keychain, which is handy, but potentially damaging to the phone. The S9110 features a specially designed 1.76-inch TFT touchscreen display with a 176 x 220 pixel resolution.

I’ve just gotten rid of DirecTV and replace with Netflix and am about to scrap home phone and greatly reduce cell phone minutes! Not only can it play MP3 files from its 40MB of internal storage, but also it could be used to record voice memos. I have to turn my phone completely off then turn it back on just to exit the recording menu.

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