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We have a great selection of brand new, unlocked Samsung phones including the Samsung S5, as well as the Samsung S4 and S4 mini plus other makes and models. Phone-Techs in Aventura serving the entire Miami market has a great selection of new unlocked GSM phones including Samsung, Blackberry, iPhone and other models.
For the past few years it has been known as Global Phones selling Aventura’s best selection of Unlocked GSM handsets.

We still offer all those services, with an even bigger than ever selection of unlocked phones, even more carrier offerings, and a much broader range of accessories for iPhone, Blackberry and other smart phones.
We’ve added cell phone repair to the line-up offering the most convenient location to get your iPhone, Blackberry or other smart phone fixed in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Our clientele has included our foreign visitors looking for a great deal on some great unlocked phones, and our local Miami clientele that either want to activate an Unlocked GSM phone on a no-contract provider such as T-Mobile or Simple Mobile, or were looking to unlock their GSM phone so they can activate it on other networks.

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