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Now here is a situation where we just know only  the Item code and we want to know what is the Item name.
Operation, Installation, Service, Cleaning, Assembly Drawing, Exploded View, Parts List (770k pdf, 14 pages). Manufacturing codes are stamped in black ink and start with the letter A, such as A811-0318.
Lookup and reference formulas are one of the most important ones from a dashboard point of view. This formula takes a value as input by the user and looks it up in an array (usually a range) to return its position in that array. To better understand the working of match function let us consider the dataset shown below. This might not seem very useful right now but in combination with other formulas, match becomes very powerful and sometimes, even necessary which we will see in the formulas below.

VLOOKUP looks up a value in the leftmost column in an array and retrieves a value in the same row, and any column (specified by the user) of the array. NOTE:Throughout the section on VLOOKUP, we have maintained that the value been looked up must be in the left most column. INDEX function can be used to look up a value from a range by specifying its row number and column number in that range. Let us say in the example taken for VLOOKUP, we wanted to retrieve the market share for the selected value using INDEX function. Crab Tip: You can see how we have used the output of MATCH function as an input for INDEX? we will use this very frequently in our dashboards to make them dynamic. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. These formulas allow us to extract relevant data for the User Interface of the dashboard—from huge underlying datasets.

However, this is not true and the formula can be tweaked to lookup values from right as well. So, match starts from the first cell in the reference and counts until it finds the desired value; if it does not find it, an error is returned.
However such discussion is beyond the scope of Dashboard 101 and we will cover this in a separate post.

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