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After a long time of dominion over fruity phone by the AT&T overlords, it looks like Verizon snagged a deal with Apple to add the iPhone in the Verizon line-up for 2011. If youa€™re wondering why Verizon is just picking up the iPhone after a long time, ita€™s because Verizon initially turned down Applea€™s offer to exclusively have their fruit magic phone. With a change of bosses from current CEO Ivan Seidenberg to future boss Lowel McAdam, Verizon is making decisions now that will affect their game plan for 2011. This is backed up by Wall Street Journal when they reported that a new iPhone is being made for Verizon. The new Verizon iPhone is expected to be out by early 2011 under a competitive pricing point contract, although no actual mention of the exact plans.
According to a latest report published by Droid Life, Verizon corporate is in the process of dropping “Wireless” from its title. It also appears that, there’s also few inside changes happening, but the major ones revolve around the upcoming name change, as well as the alteration of the slogan.

Fascinatingly, it would seem that changing the name to Verizon risks confusing the company with one of its two corporate parents Verizon Communications, which leads us to wonder whether this is a sign that Vodafone could be getting close to abandon control of its sizable minority share after years of speculation. Well lets hope the new name and the new branding and the ides, ofcourse, of dropping iPhone acts wonders for Verizon. That decision turned back and bit them in the behind and Verizon knows that they have to earn the iPhone anew.
One of these decisions is the inclusion of the new iPhone device to be added to their line-up for next year. If you’ve grown to like “Can you hear me now?” then you’ll be sad to know that they are going to announce a new one soon.
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