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They did so solely based on its low price as compared to – well – consumer purchases that have absolutely nothing to do with cell phones. You won’t find highly advanced features – such as a touch screen or GPS mapping technology – even remotely in the same universe as the TNT!
That much we can’t contest.This entry-level clamshell, though, is absolutely as basic as a basic cell phone gets.

The TNT!, which is an acronym for Talk ‘N Text, is on the lower end of the Virgin Mobile handset collection and for the most part only allows you to talk and send text messages.
There’s actually a minor delay in the TNT!’s primary screen when responding to your actions and repainting the screen.The TNT!
20, 2008 at Virgin Mobile’s Web site and is available now at major retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and RadioShack.The Bottom LineWhile this review subtracted points from the TNT!

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