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At Phone Merchant we only sell new phones, however we do recommend the services of Cellular Country.
If you need a fast texting phone on Metro PCS network, which won’t force you to purchase extra data plan – you should definitely check out the LG Beacon today. Buying basic texting phones from third party vendors is a good alternative when you need a phone, which does not require data plan and sports full QWERTY keyboard. Download User Manual for LG Beacon - Learn more about the LG Beacon by downloading free user manual. The LG Beacon is a basic texting phone featured with touch screen display, which makes it one of the most affordable phones on Metro PCS network today.

Metro PCS has released already newer phones on its network with new design and upgraded capabilities. The LG Beacon is a great phone for the any heavy texter, who enjoys social networking on-the-go. Additionally, buying used phones is a smart move to get any phone at the cheapest possibly price. The 2.8-inch full touch screen of the LG Beacon makes surfing the mobile web easy while the slide-out QWERTY keyboard allows to type texts, emails, and status updates quickly. Because the LG Beacon is not a smartphone it does not require purchasing data plan from your service provider.

Here are some tips to help you find a texting phone at great value, avoid common mistakes and purchase it with confidence.

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