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Mobile Network Comparison helps you pick the best mobile phone network in the UK, get free SIM cards or find unlimited data offers. Three Mobile have massively shaken up the UK market with a rather-appealing new pay-as-you-go tariff called 321. Compared to the competition, this is clearly far and away the best deal going as long as you are relatively light mobile phone user. Previously, networks such as White Mobile were offering the cheapest rates available with calls being just 6p a minute and SMS text messages coming in at 5p each. In fact, the treaty one tariff is at least half the price of that previously offered by White Mobile and pretty much an order of magnitude cheaper than the other major mobile networks such as Orange, Vodafone, O2, and T-Mobile. This move will only serve to cement Three’s place as one of the fastest-growing networks in the country. Switching your phone to Three Mobile in order to take advantage of this great offer is really simple.
First of all, just make sure that your handset is unlocked so you can use it on Three and that it supports the 3G network that Three uses. If you are an existing Three Mobile PAYG customer, switching to the 321 tariff is as simple as calling customer services on 333 from your mobile phone. Keeping your phone number is really easy as long as you get your PAC code from your existing mobile operator. Shame Vodafone don’t have as competitive rates as I much prefer that brand for some reason (3 are horrors for giving PAC code and I disliked Talk Talk ever since their cheap broadband debacle). Having done a bit of, non scientific, tests, it looks like Three & EE have the best coverage here. Ordered a 321 sim card from 3 after being assured I would get a strong signal even though I told them I was, for some providers, in a dead zone.

How does Giff Gaff beat Ovivo when you have to pay ?10 per month to get something similar???
Also Giff Gaff is fiddly to use with its need to buy Goodie Bags and so on and it is hardly unique any more when Virgin have a SIM only deal with 1200 minutes of calls and 1GB of data for only ?12 per month.
However Ovivo’s browser adverts are extremely annoying if you use the web browser regularly (they have now blocked the use of Opera which avoided them) and there are also vast swathes of the rural UK where Vodafone still only has base 2G service as they have not invested in their out of town transmitters for years. Cheapest cell phone plans - t-mobile, T-mobile has unlimited prepaid plans and affordable devices on our nationwide 4g lte network, and a path to affordable upgrades and best pricing all customers can .. Where are the cheapest and most expensive countries to own, Eight in 10 people in the developing world own a mobile phone, but the cost of using mobiles varies significantly.
While it is possible to get better value from bundles offered by some other mobile networks, the new pricing is hard to beat. However, they were rather unknown and untested option and only a brave user with transfer their main mobile number to them. While other mobile operators in the UK are struggling to retain their existing users, Three gained over 1 million new customers in 2012.
Well the tariff has been live for a few days now and in our tests has been working fine at the rate advertised. Pretty much any modern handset will be fine, but if your phone is particularly old it’s worth checking that it works on 3G as Three does not support 2G any more.
We’ve got a full guide to switching mobile network and porting your mobile number to a new mobile network already published on the site.
Runs some quick calculations to see whether you’ll save lots of money by changing to this tariff and if so, get started switching over! I don’t fully understand this, as I do rarely use my phone at home using the PC router etc.

And if they can completely corner the PAYG market it could turn out to be very profitable in the future. No insult intended, but it's important to understand mobile phone insurance isn't compulsory.
To sweeten the deal even more, Three are offering hundred and 150MB mobile web browsing allowance for free every time you top up by ?10 or more. Likewise, why would you pay 12p for sending a text on O2 when Three are offering you a price of just 2p?
The price cuts that they have introduced are pretty astounding and will only mean better value for consumers no matter what network they are on. They also the biggest 3G network in the UK right now and have superb high-speed coverage and great data rates.
The only catch, if there is any, is that tethering is not allowed on Three’s PAYG plans including this 321 tariff. If your handset is not unlocked, there are several guides online that make it quite simple or you can always take it to a shop and pay about ?5 for them to do it for you. In my part of the world, the coverage is abysmal, as are pockets all over when I drive up country. This means you can only use your PAYG SIM in mobile phone devices and not dongles or tablets such as the iPad.
You will also find your account is blocked if you share your phone’s Internet connection by tethering it to a computer or tablet.

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