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Now that all major post-paid contract plans offer prepaid versions of their service to customers, they are all continuing to compete on both markets. AT&T offers the cheapest prepaid phone plan on the market, but cheap doesn’t mean best in this case.
It is hard to identify what could be 3 best prepaid plans 2011 because many factors are involved in picking ones. There are so many good offers from prepaid cell phone providers right now that little things decide, or perhaps not so little. T-Mobile’s $30 Monthly4G prepaid plan is the first one of the 3 best prepaid plans 2011 and 2012.
The next prepaid plan that easily can be reckon as one of the best prepaid plans 2011 and 2012 is Straight Talk’s $45 unlimited plan with unlimited talk, text and data.
The Straight Talk is tricky since phones run on different networks Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint so users must be cautious while choosing the phone due to the coverage they are in. Another reason for picking this carrier and this plan is that at the time of writing this article, you can get everything unlimited for just a $30 per month.
One of the prepaid cell phone providers that offer one of the best prepaid plans 2011 and 2012 is Simple Mobile. These are the best prepaid plans 2011 and 2012 limited to 3, not for everyone, off course but in general.
Many factors are involved in choosing the right cell phone plan, best possible carrier and handset as well. Virgin Mobile is better than all of these – I pay $25 for unlimited data, text, and 300 minutes per month. As the increasingly acrimonious dust-up between Vodacom and Cell C enters its next phase, South African consumers are enjoying a real reduction in retail mobile tariffs.
But it’s difficult to separate the clutter as the big operators try to convince customers where to spend their money. First of all, we chose what appear to be the cheapest prepaid packages on South Africa’s four licensed mobile operators.
With MTN, TechCentral had to select the company’s One Rate plan as it is impossible to work out the effective rate on MTN Zone, which offers discounts based on the time of day, network load and other factors. MTN says that Zone is the most representative of its price plans, with 70% of its customers using it.
What the comparison shows is that 8ta offers the best value for people who want to make calls at night. If 8ta’s off-peak tariffs are excluded, Cell C offers the best value across the board, with the cheapest peak-time calls across all the networks.
We provide news, reviews and comment, without fear or favour, that is of direct relevance to our fast-expanding audience. We do not constantly regurgitate press releases to draw in search engine traffic — we believe websites that do so are doing their readers and advertisers a disservice. TechCentral, which is edited and written by award-winning South African journalists, cares about delivering top-quality content to draw in the business and consumer readers that are of most interest to technology advertisers.

We’d like the opportunity to demonstrate the value of directing a portion of your advertising budget to TechCentral, whether your company is in the technology field or not. For more information about advertising opportunities, and how your organisation can benefit by publicising itself on TechCentral, please call us on 011-792-0449 during office hours. Essentially, they are an offshoot of Verizon, as they use those towers to provide service, They provide the one of the cheapest prepaid phone plans on the market. While it may be the cheapest in terms of monetary value, because of the limitations on the plan, it is best used for emergencies only. If you don’t need the international talk and text, then why bother paying $60 to Straight Talk? What’s good offer for one user is not for another due to the bad coverage or no coverage at all, for example or if proper handset lacks.
Handsets are very important aspect from customers’ point of view but prepaid cell phone providers already know that. This Walmart exclusive plan is great due to the low monthly rate of $30 but the key here is $30 for what. This plan is available for a year and a half now and still is one of the most competitive ones. If phone model number is ending with G, the phone runs on either AT&T or T-Mobile and if it ends with C, they run on Verizon.
For $40 per month, users are entitled to unlimited talk, text and web at 3G speeds, a plan that’s compatible with Android smartphones.
Many other cell phone plans can also be added here like Boost Mobile with its $55 plan but that can be lowered to $40 after 18 on-time payments, thanks to Shrinkage plan. All we can do is to search for the one that suits our needs the best and stick to it if works, not the phone, the carrier and plan. The company describes it as the “leading and most affordable prepaid price plan in South Africa”, but, unfortunately, this publication has no way of calculating the average rate and must use published base rates for the sake of comparison. For Vodacom-to-Vodacom calls, the first three minutes are billed for and the rest of the hour is free. Our job is to demonstrate why TechCentral delivers the best return for your advertising spend. Proportionately, we provide the largest local audience of all technology-focused online publishers.
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Let’s take a look at the cheapest prepaid phone plans, to help you determine which carrier provides the best value for your needs.
More expensive monthly plans include more minutes, with unlimited texting and varying amounts of data.
The carrier you choose at this price point should be based on whether you need more talk time or more data.

However, in general, there are few cheap phone plans, not in term of the value alone but regarding what user gets with that plan, what level of freedom in using it.
That’s why, most of them give a lot of attention to cell phone offers, researching and predicting what users might like and look for in device. Well, new trend of using cell phones involves every type of staying in touch but the original one, talking. Even offer of the popular handsets is not the problem any more since Straight Talk added Android smartphones to its lineup, Samsung Precedent and LG Optimus Q. This is great offer since you pay relatively low monthly fee while using your Android phone on 3G speeds.
Still, this plan requires staying long enough while these already mentioned are valid right away. 8ta also offers bonus airtime for recharges — up to 100% additional value for recharges of R50 or more. We believe we produce the country’s best and most insightful online tech news aimed at industry professionals and those interested in the fast-changing world of technology. We offer packages that will deliver among the best returns on investment available in the online technology news space.
Sprint itself does not advertise prepaid service like AT&T®, Verizon®, and T-Mobile do.
It comes down to your preference of phone selection, as well as the coverage available in your area.
Since voice minutes are not that important to users any more, this plan is perfect since it offers 100 voice minutes and 10 cents per minute extra charge when going over this allowance. Remember, for the same thing you would end up paying $45 at Straight Talk but $30 on T-Mobile and Walmart deal without unlimited talk. Another plan worth of mentioning is Republic Wireless $19 unlimited plan that offers unlimited service while on WiFi and sort of limited on Sprint cellular network. While this is cheaper than the Virgin Mobile plan, if you need unlimited data, it is worth the $10 more a month to use this carrier. Still, next to handsets, to prepaid customers monthly bill is quite important so this is where best prepaid plans or cheapest phone plans come in.
In case that you would like unlimited everything on 4G speeds on T-Mobile HPSA+ network, Simple Mobile offers that possibility as well for $60 per month. Also, it uses T-Mobile’s infrastructure for its service so if you are in the right coverage, definitely consider it.

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