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Technically no mobile companies, how far you may try, will give you the details of the phone numbers unless you are a police officer.
Well at these scenarios, all fingers points at the Truecaller, a global phone directory where you can find the name and details of any phone numbers. Founded in 2009 and based in Stockholm, Sweden, Truecaller is a trusted collaborative global phone directory. It will search among its users and will show you the most common name used to save the given number in the truecaller database.
Truecaller provides results that are relevant for each query, and puts users in control of who can see their contact details at all times.
Truecaller also features a collaborative top spam list, which is built by our users to help identify the top spammers in your area.
Anyways, Truecaller is the only Telephone directory which I tried, Gives the result in almost all cases ! I'm Rajeel, a teen blogger from India who loves computers, sports, internet and all other kind of tech stuffs. If you are using a SIM card and have forgotten that who is the owner of this mobile number. Ownership information of any SIM are confidential, plz don't share information with any irrelevant person. Junaid DanialAugust 03, 2015Agr kisi network ki sms and call detail incoing or outgoingya kisi bhi network ki ownership name cnic or addrees lyna ho to ap mujy contact ker sakty hy. Huge collection of wedding photos of showbiz celebrities; actors, actresses, models and singers. Raiwind Palace is the residence of Sharif Family, located in Jati Umra near Raiwind, Lahore.

There are many sites to know the country and state, but the best site to know about the name of the person is by using true caller. There are also many other sites to know the location.But to know the name True caller is the best one. There are many reasons why people want to find the owner of a mobile number, or trace a mobile number to where it is located. It contains most of the phone numbers and especially the numbers in regions like USA, India, Germany, Brazil etc. By adding unwanted numbers to the blocked list, you will be notified when the number tries to get in touch.
You are automatically warned and protected by Truecaller from these spam numbers and the top spam list. This means you may know these users based on your own connections with other users whom you have in common.
I enjoyed every little bit of it, I have you bookmarked and waiting for all the new stuff you post. This might be due to the reason that in early years it was not mandatory to bring the CNIC of the person who is getting it, so the people sometimes use the photocopy of same CNIC or ID Card for issuing many SIM cards. The intuitive service works through a user’s social circle to contact the person whose number has been requested. And these SIMs are being used by the family members without knowing that who is the real owner of the SIM card. The person being contacted must approve the request in order to unlock their contact details for the requester.

You can trace mobile number Location and owner's name Address and location of any unknown number easily. This ensures that no contact details can be shared without prior approval of the person being contacted. Just read the post below and you can know the Owner name and his country service provider and state.
Her concern is valid,however, Maria, this is not a step back but a step forward rather, towards security, as earlier the malicious activities would be anonymous, at least now you can trace down to the owner and investigate from there to reach the culprit. 667 is MNP shot code the write of this article is a confused stupid man ummadi think so after verification it will work on all network. Muhammad AwaisNo reply without wriitting MNP in capital text Aftab Khannot working on telenor and ufone MujahidAsslam o Aliakum , how to get verified while Sim card is on roaming , not in pakistan ? ShakirI have one unverified sim and still this is working ShahIs there any way to find out the identity and the location of the user of a number? Any possible way by which i can find out some information about the owner of a cell number? Zaheer RJkoi warid ka number chek kar k bta sakta hy k kis k naame hy Farooq Riazplese ap mjhy bta skty hain k ye sim kis k name py ha 03457596662 Farooq Riazye number kis k name py hai 3457596662 Khairul Wahab Khan03419864721 please any one find the ownerbof this number.

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