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The website for Colorado’s Division of Motor Vehicles was briefly shut down late Wednesday, the same day non-citizens were allowed to begin making appointments to obtain driver’s licenses. Daria Serna, a spokeswoman for the agency, confirmed the brief shutdown on Thursday, saying the website was back online as of 5 a.m. The state agency began conducting workshops this month to assist customers to navigate the process.

Gabriela Flora, a regional organizer for the American Friends Service Committee, called on the state to provide more locations where the licenses can be acquired. The program will be rolled by appointment only and just at five offices statewide, including Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction. On Tuesday, the “Schedule an Appointment at a Driver’s License Office” page averaged 70,000 hits per hour, including a high of 107,500 hits hourly, compared to its hourly average of 8,126 hits per hour.

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