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Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. LoginSign Up Find the Best Cell Phone and Plan for You Wirefly helps you save on cell phones and plans by offering innovative comparison tools so consumers can make educated choices. Compare and Recycle is a cell phone recycling comparison that compares all the top companies in one place. By viewing prices from multiple cell phone buyback companies in the same place customers can save time and get more cash so the only sensible option is to use a comparison site like Compare and Recycle.
Although a relatively new concept to America, the idea of getting quick cash for old cell phones is taking the nation by storm.
Over 85% of all adults in the USA have a cell phone in which the wide majority is now smartphones. There’s nothing better than the feeling of a de-cluttered home, and the same goes for the drawer where you stuff all your old, unwanted gadgets. Although it may not seem like an important factor, it is, in fact in may even be consider the most important.
When you choose to recycle your cell with Compare And Recycle, your phone begins a journey of revival and is on it’s way to a new life. While there are many options for selling your old cell phone such as eBay or Craigslist often the quickest and easiest way is by selling to a cell phone recycler. Here at Compare and Recycle we’re provided prices by cell phone recyclers which we place in an easy to compare table and even group prices by carrier to make it even simpler. Most recyclers will offer to send a shipping box or bag to send your device in or alternatively offer just a shipping label if you already have a box laying around.
We’ve just launched our new Android app, so now it’s not just our website where you can compare prices for your old cell phone but you can do it on your Android phone too! To get your hands on the app just head over to the Google Play Store, either on your phone or visit the Google Play website here – Compare and Recycle on Google Play Store. Since 1991 ReCellular have grown to become one of the world’s leading cell phone recycling companies.
Tens of millions of phones have been recycled using ReCellular and millions of dollars have been donated to charities thanks to ReCellular.
Using a cell phone recycling site such as ReCellular is a great way to sell an old cell phone. Using a cell phone recycler is also great for the environment, they make sure any phones which cannot be reused are recycled responsibly and make efforts to make the whole process as green as possible. Choosing a cell phone recycling company to use can be daunting, there are a number of well known recyclers and finding them all, let alone getting a price from each can be a time consuming process. Compare cell phone recyclers using Compare and Recycle and get all the top prices for your old cell in just a few seconds, you’ll get all the other important information too such as who pays for shipping, how long each company takes to pay you and which payment methods they offer. Keep an eye on Compare and Recycle for customer reviews of cell phone recyclers such as Cell It Used to see who gives the best service and who you can trust the most. Selling your old cell phone may sound easy but messing bout arranging to sell, exchanging payment and shipping your old cell phone can quickly become more trouble than it is worth. Selling a particularly old cell phone is often not worth it since not only will the value be low but few people will be interested in buying it.
With cell phone recycling becoming ever more popular it can be difficult to pick a recycler to use.
Gazelle was founded in 2006 by two people who both realised that many of the electronics and cell phones being thrown away each year should not only be recycled, but that they still had a cash value.
In the last five years Gazelle has grown to the point where it is now the nation’s largest electronics reCommerce company.
Using Gazelle is one of the quickest and easiest ways to recycle an old cell phone for cash. Selling an old cell phone isn’t as easy as you may think, even finding a buyer can often be difficult even when using a popular site such as eBay. When recycling an old cell phone for cash there is much less chance of a problem occurring.
Even if your old cell phone is an older, lower value handset it is still worth recycling it.
With a number of well known cell phone recyclers to choose from it can be confusing to know who to use. Keep an eye on Compare and Recycle for customer reviews of cell phone recyclers such as Gazelle to see who gives the best service and who you can trust the most.
YouRenew pay you to recycle your old electronic devices and for each device they take in they make a contribution to environmental causes. When it comes to low-value cell phones there are few people willing to pay cash to take them off your hands. If you have a high value cell-phone such as an iPhone or recent BlackBerry model then there will be plenty of people looking to buy your old device.
Since many old cell phones contain a number of toxins and are potentially damaging to the environment, you often can’t simply throw them away.
Keep an eye on Compare and Recycle for customer reviews of cell phone recyclers such as YouRenew to see who gives the best service and who you can trust the most. We may be getting used to the idea of recycling much of our household waste but when it comes to cell phone recycling many of us don’t realize how important and beneficial it really is to recycle.
The primary reason to recycle is to reduce the damage cause to the environment and there are two key ways in which this is achieved. The other important reason to recycle is to reduce the amount of electronic waste produced.
Unlike most forms of recycling cell phone recycling doesn’t just provide environmental benefits, cell phone recycling can actually be financially profitable.

Even non-working cell phones can still have a cash value and so there’s no excuse not to recycle your old cell phone!
If you’re looking to sell an old cell phone that you no longer need then one of the quickest and easiest ways  to get rid of your unwanted cell and get some cash in your pocket is to use a cell phone recycler. While you may have heard of some of the most well known cell phone recyclers such as Gazelle you may not realize there are quite a few high quality cell phone recycling companies all offering different prices for your old cell.
While you could spend hours getting a price from each recycler individually the only sensible option is to compare cell phone recyclers by visiting Compare and Recycle and comparing the best prices offered for your old cell. Using a cell phone recycling company makes selling your old cell phone a stress-free process, just find the best deal by using Compare and Recycle, pop your phone in the post using the provided postage bag and simply wait for your payment to arrive!
Compare and Recycle is a UK based site that helps you get the most cash for recycling your mobile phone, mp3 players, gaming console, satellite navigation system, digital cameras, gold and jewellery. There's plenty to like about RIM's BlackBerry 7130e, especially its roomy screen, its compatibility with multiple e-mail clients, and its broadband-level data connections. I personally do not like this blackberry after having it for about a month , as the ring tone is too soft not loud enough for me but it cannot be adjust as the max volume is ONLY 3. Pro: I liked the look of the phone and knew getting another BlackBerry would be what I wanted because of great PDA functions, and other features like Bluetooth, speakerphone, and getting to use the EVDO network with Verizon.
I knew BlackBerry made a great PDA but sometimes there are just certain features that you fall in love with, and will end up missing.
I have been using the 7130 for about a month now, and must say it is the best phone I have had.
As part of Wirefly’s strong lineup of prepaid phones you’ll have access to no contract phone deals from Verizon Wireless Prepaid. For example, if you need 2 lines with 1 GB of data each, you would select 2 GB of data with the data slider below.
First introduced in around 2005, cell phone recycling didn’t really begin to take off until 2010.
The concept of comparing the different companies began in Europe and is beginning to catch on in the USA. Don’t make the mistake of selling to the first cell phone recycler you come across before comparing them against competitors or you may find you’ve missed out on extra cash! But up until now getting rid of your old cell has been consider a hassle or even a burden, with many people chucking their unwanted cells in a draw and never thinking about then again. Your payment could be in your bank account within 24 hours of the recycler receiving the handset with some companies.
It’s simple, using the Compare And Recycle comparison, enter the make and model of your cell phone to see all the results and find the best deal. Many cell phones end up in landfills at the end of their lives as people just don’t know what to do with them, but with harmful chemicals exposed to the elements, cell phone waste is vast becoming one of the biggest environmentally threats.
Near enough all modern handsets can be resold and many are refreshed, refurbished and sold on as second hand in bulk to up and coming countries where technologies such as smartphones are still a new luxury. This means we don’t actually buy cell phones ourselves but in fact we compare the prices offered from the top cell phone recyclers in the USA. To get a price all you need to do is tell us what phone, tablet or other device you have, the easiest way is by using the search box found on most pages of the site including the home page but you can also find a price by browsing the list of brands to find your cell phone. Simply Pop your phone in the post and wait for it to be received by the recycler, once they have it they’ll check it meets their criteria and most cell phone buyers will pay you within a few days. Getting a price using the app is simple, just search for your cell and we’ll tell you all the top prices from a number of popular recyclers. Once you’ve install the app on your phone you can use it to find the best prices for your cell phones and tablets. With a commitment to environmental protection ReCellular ensure that all cell phones that cannot be reused are recycled. Find your phone on the ReCellular site, get an offer immediately and then ship your phone for free. When compared to selling your old cell through eBay or finding a private buyer the entire process is much quicker, simpler and safer.
Cell It Used have the goal of making recycling as easy and profitable for their customers as possible.
To make this possible they aim to offer high prices, fast turn around times, good customer support and a great customer experience.
Getting a price is quick and easy, shipping is paid for by the recycler and getting paid involves no effort on your part. When using a recycler however they’ll take even the oldest cells and in most cases will give you at least a few dollars for them too.
Compare and Recycle make the decision easy, by searching your phone once you can see all the prices from the top recycling companies and choose a company based on best price, payment period, shipping options and which accessories you’ll need to send. They realised that it actually cost some people money to recycle their old cell phones and knew that few people would be willing to pay in order to go green. Simply find your old cell on their site, ship your old handset to Gazelle in the post and wait to get paid!
When selling your old cell phone you need to agree a price, arrange payment and postage and monitor the entire sale yourself. Gazelle will give you a price in seconds, will help with shipping the cell and will pay you quickly after receiving the handset.
Most old cell phones are damaging to environment if thrown into the trash can so recycling is your only option, and a cell phone recycler will even give you some cash too. Compare and Recycle can help you find the best price to recycle your old cell phone and make sure you get the top deal.
YouRenew is an easy, fast and green way to turn old electronic devices such as cell phones into cash.

YouRenew’s mission is to make it easier to recycle old electronic devices and stop so many cell phones being thrown into the trash. Find your old cell phone or other electronic devices using the search function, fill in a few details about your device so it can be valued and ship your old cell phone off to YouRenew. Selling privately however is often risky with many buyers looking to scam you and even a smooth sale can take up plenty of your time and effort.
Sometimes disposing of an old cell phone in an environmentally friendly way could actually cost you money, but using a cell phone recycler such as You Renew can actually make you some cash! Firstly recycling means fewer new raw materials are needed to produce new cell phones, this is important because not only does it reduce the environmental impact but there are only so many natural resources available to us and unless we begin to reuse them we will run out.
Many of the materials used in the production of cell phones can be damaging to the environment if not disposed of correctly. Old cell phones can sometimes contain valuable metals, reusable components or even the whole cell may be refurbished and reused either domestically or abroad, often in a third world nation. Compare and Recycle make recycling an old cell phone even easier and can help you get the best price for an old cell too. Unfortunately, this standard cell phone also has some major flaws, especially when it comes to making calls. For the TASK alert portion , it has no way to send you reminder for certain TASK that I had scheduled.
Cell phone recycling allows customers to sell a cell phone directly to a merchant at a quoted price. By having one simple and easy to use comparison rather than having to visit dozens of different cell phone recyclers you can get the best price more easily and more quickly. With awareness about selling your cell to a recycler and the process becoming easier more and more people are going to choose to go with a cell phone recycler rather than traditional methods of getting rid of your old cell.
With some phones being worth over $500, it’s no surprise that this innovative new idea is catching like a virus. A great benefit to the new idea of cell phone recycling is the fact it is such an effortless, quick method. All of our featured cell phone recyclers promise to dispose or recycle your cell phone in a humane and environmentally friendly way meaning your carbon footprint will be greener than ever. Cell phone recyclers will give you cash for your old cell phones, most will even pay you for broken cell phones, albeit at a reduced price.
It’s not just cell phones either, many recyclers provide prices for tablets and other devices too. Secondly print out your pre-paid shipping label and pop your old cell phone in the mailbox.
Gazelle make sure that even items which no longer have any cash value are still properly recycled as they are committed to protecting the environment. As one of the most popular cell phone recycling companies Gazelle are able to provide one of the smoothest and most hassle free services available.
There are many opportunities for the sale to go wrong and become much more trouble than its worth. Sometimes a company will actually try and charge you to take old electronics for recycling but Gazelle will actually pay you to take an old cell phone off your hands. Cell phone recycling is the quickest, easiest and least-risky  way to get rid of an old cell phone and make yourself some cash.
The plastics and metals used to produce cell phones can take hundreds, sometimes thousands of years to degrade and so can pollute the environment for generations to come.
This means cell phone recyclers are willing to pay cash when you recycle an old cell phone.
Just search for your cell phone on Compare and Recycle and we’ll give you a comparison of the best prices on offer from all the top cell phone recyclers. Between its small screen, empty feature list, and numeric keypad for texting, there's not enough here for even the most casual user. It’s a far quicker method of selling opposed to the more traditional approach of selling via ads or online auction sites like eBay. In the UK Compare and Recycle is a well established comparison for phone recycling and have helped customers sell millions of pounds worth of phones and now we’re looking to help US customers sell millions of dollars worth of cell phones too.
Finding a buyer or ways to flog your cell are no longer a problem, countless listings on eBay and Craigslist are a thing of the past with the new cell phone recycling scheme. At no point will the process seem confusing and all you need to do is sit back and wait for your check. Compared to selling your phone through a site such as eBay using a ReCellular is incredibly stress-free and easy to do. And when you throw in the disappointing call quality, you have a device than can't adequately perform its primary (and, frankly, its only) feature. Of course it can't hold huge spreadsheets, but the fact that it can hold any is amazing.
Rather than listing a cell phone as for sale, the idea is customer simply sells their cell at the featured price to a company that deals with recycling cell phones. That's why I suggest opting for the Samsung Freeform M if you're just looking for a free phone on MetroPCS. The functionality takes some getting used to and if you like T9 and you have a laptop and you use it as a laptop!!!

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