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Mix 106.5 is proud to present the 24th Annual Radiothon for Hopkins Children’s, presented by Geico, happening Thursday, February 28, 2013 and Friday, March 1, 2013! Maria, Jon and Reagan along with Rachel, Priestly and Jenn will broadcast live both days from the lobby of the brand new hospital at 1800 Orleans Street! One of the best ways to make donations is through the Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union 20 by 12 Club! Miracle Moments are the vignettes you will hear during Radiothon telling the story about a miracle that has happened at Hopkins Children’s. These are amazing stories of how your donations and the donations of our sponsors Griffith Energy Services, Celebree Learning Centers and Geico help the children and their families at Hopkins Children’s. To enter, click here and tell them about your donation to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.
Send with fully charged battery if possibleDo not ship chargers, or sim cardsPackage securely in bubble wrap, USPS Priority is a good way to ship.
The dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, 4G speeds, enterprise-level security, and world phone credentials make this a top-notch selection for Android users. Can CPR® technicians only repair cell phones or can they repair other electronic devices as well? If you make the decision that you no longer want to have your electronics repair work done by CPR®, you may be charged a fee. This fee can be waived if you decide to donate your electronic device to our recycling program. Customers are encouraged to use a shipping method that includes both insurance and a tracking number.
Sometimes certain damage your electronic device receives may cause data loss, but nothing that the CPR® technicians do will cause loss of data. If I currently have a warranty protection on my device, will any repairs you do make my warranty void?

If I really need my item repaired as quickly as possible, how can I be sure your mail-in services are fast enough?
If you need your item sent back in a faster manner than regular mail services, let our staff know and we will be able to send your item back to you by priority shipping with an extra cost. There is  very high success rate in CPR® technicians being able to restore electronic devices that have suffered water damage. A water damaged phone or other tech should be brought in as soon as possible after the damage occurs. All CPR Stores are independently owned and operated and may not offer all of the repair and warranty types listed on this website.
It’s the second Brooklyn location for the franchise, which repairs cell phones, tablets and other electronics, and also sells accessories. One cool thing to note is that if you’ve got old cell phones you want to get rid of, they have recycling bins inside to do so responsibly. The business replaces the long-lived Bay Sports, which closed up shop after Superstorm Sandy. I just got a new iphone because I cracked the screen of my old phone (iphone4, almost 3 years old). This is where it all happens… the interviews, the stories, check presentations and more!
This program gives you the opportunity to make a $20 monthly donation to Hopkins Children’s for 12 months (a total of $240).
And for every additional $25 donated by a family they will receive an additional contest entry. For those times when your smartphone needs repair, swing by your neighborhood CPR (Cell Phone Repair).
In addition, each location is fully able to handle all kinds of electronic repairs including laptops, tablets & gaming systems.

If customers want their electronic device rushed back to them, they have the option to have their item sent back to them priority shipping and they will be charged accordingly.
CPR® technicians are fully capable of backing up data to ensure you don’t lose any of it. If you have capital, ingenuity and skill, you make a business out of fixing peoples’ broken stuff. Instead of discarding it, I’m going to fix it up, give it to an 11 year old as a Christmas present. Why would someone not fix a phone, especially something like a cracked screen, which is easily reapairable? Radiothon has raised more than $14 million for Hopkins Children’s since it first aired in 1989.
Our superior, dependable, local service repairs most smartphone problems so you can stay connected. Who the hell wants to pay $600 out of pocket when their smartphone’s screen cracks and they’re not due for an upgrade?
She doesn’t need it as a phone, can use all the internet, camera, music features of it. This is a kid who comes from an environment where, how can I put it, she will greatly appreciate such a gift.

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