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Note starting Spring of 2012 local Ministries of Education are now requiring teachers to submit a background check as well as a photocopy of their diploma. 1.Once you receive the confirmation number or letter, you will bring or mail the following to your local consulate. If you do not live close enough to a Korean consulate to go in person, you will have to send your documents via mail to be processed. Please be sure to use Overnight Service in order to get the documents to the consulate as quickly as possible. Mailing adds extra time to the process, so be sure to have everything ready and then you can mail your package as soon as you receive your confirmation number.
There are certain times when a school is looking to have a teacher arrive quickly and there is not time to do the traditional process. In this situation, they will invite the teacher to come as soon as possible and fly the teacher to South Korea right away. Instead of going to your local consulate, you will go to the Korean consulate in Japan, usually the one in Fukuoka. Another important piece of information that you’ll need for your inmate search is the correct location.
Doing this type of inmate search requires you to go to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ website. Lastly, you’re going to have the option of going through a paid service to run your federal inmate search.

There are a lot of reputable services for doing this type of inmate search, but there are scam sites out there too. Find anything you want to know about a person from the comfort of your own home, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a private investigator. Check my criminal record It is commonly used when doing a simple background check on individuals. By following the steps listed below and having us work alongside you, the process should go smoothly.
If you have all of these items available, you can feel confident that you are ahead of the game. These documents are required after arriving in Korea so when gathering your documents please make 2 separate copies. Your local Korean consulate will now verify the documents you've sent them, and once approved, they will stamp your passport with the E2 visa and either you will pick it up, or they will mail it to you, depending on the process you've chosen. Note that the consulate will not pay for a courier to return your passport and documents, so you must include a pre-paid envelope in your package. There have been cases of flights being missed because of using a slower service, so please be sure to use the quickest possible. It may be that one of their current teachers had to leave for a family emergency, or perhaps business is going well and they have a lot of new students but not enough teachers. Visiting another part of the world for free while earning excellent money is not unrealistic.

Most of these info were learnt from experience and without these info, you will have a hard time searching.
Obviously you wouldn’t need to do an inmate search if you knew where they were, but you should know what type of prison that they’re in.
They mainly charge you a high fee for a single search and typically they have an old database of information, so often the information isn’t any good. The reputable services are the ones that allow you to get unlimited searches over a period of year or more, depending on the types of service that you want. If all documents are valid, they will issue a visa issuance letter, or a visa acceptance number.
You will receive the visa issuance letter by mail for public schools, or the visa confirmation number by e-mail for private schools.
If they’re in a state prison, you’re going to at least have to know which state they would be in. Sometimes people go by a nickname or middle name, instead of their respective names and you won’t be able to find them.
Sometimes having the inmate’s date of birth can really help you get through the search easier to make sure that you have the correct person.

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