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The voice recognition technology is excellent, but live operator assistance is also available when the computer is not up to the task.
This free 411 service has been around since last year, but it never really took off the way I thought it would. Since I only have a cell phone, I tend to use Google text messaging to get listing info that I need. Everything in the original post is still good and true, but 1-800-Free411 just added a new component to their service: category search. This has to be one of the best idea out yet,Because their is something to come out in Phone company's to raise the price's all the time.But this is really good for a change. I recently found 1800The Info and have found all my numbers when traveling, which is about the only time I use it. I also used to use free411 but they hit you pretty hard with long ads ad don't offer operators anymore.
Just dialed the 800-411-SAVE number twice - WOW - awesome response time - great voices - very polite and courteous – LOVED IT! I’ve experienced several directory assistance services and I just discovered 1-800-411-save. There’s a bunch of directory assistance providers, I’ved tried almost everything and I’m losing patience on which one to use. Yes there are a bunch of free directory assistance services out there, but 1-800-FREE411 also provides voice activated directions that can be sent via text to your mobile phone.

1800 FREE411 DOES NOT WORK IN CANADA, WHEN YOU CALL IT IT SAYS THE NUMBER IS NOT IN SEVICE. With 411 service, you can find any local, national, or 800 listing for anywhere in the U.S. The only catch is that you have to listen to a 15-second ad, which isn't too bad considering the ads are often contextual (e.g. It used to be when the service first came out, but this company has since received a $30 million cash infusion from investors and has successfully handled over 100 million calls. And I can get SMS numbers sent to my phone, and get connected to the number I needed, and have an operator when they could not find my number. I’ve splurge so much money on getting phone numbers but there are times that I get wrong numbers. As I read your posts, I tried dialling 1-800-the-info and 1-800-411-save, goog411, 1800free 411 and the others mentioned by pinetrees and I guess I’ll stick with 1800411save. By dialing 411, members bypass their PIC’d carrier (your chosen long distance carrier) and are routed directly to the 411 database. Besides, if you haven't done so already, you should register your phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry.
You get not only the phone number, but also the address, so it can save you time if you're having trouble finding a place. Ive just dialled 1-800-411 save a couple of minutes ago and I got a human being on the other end of the line.

Yes ,the others would have human being as well, but how I was accomodated gave me the decision.
Might get re-directed and a month later get a lovely $4,000.00 phone bill, for calls to some company in india. The agent was so nice, reading out the phone number to me as I requested and she even offered me a connection. I use it to find restaurants when I'm traveling but I think you can use that for other businesses. I just listened to a very short advertisement, and in a very short while I found myself connected to the pet store that I was looking for. To text message Google, start up a text message on your cell phone, and instead of a phone number, enter 46645 (googl).
Sometimes, if you happen to know the zip code, it can be faster and more accurate then entering the city and state.

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