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It’s been a long time since I was over in St Petersburg for a photo shoot, but I still have a few shots left in my archive to post. Duke Energy Florida (NYSE: DUK) on May 27 formally petitioned the Florida Public Service Commission for approval of its recently-announced Citrus County Combined Cycle Power Plant, to be located at its Crystal River power plant site. The Citrus County plant will be a modern, natural gas-fired, combined cycle plant with an expected summer rating of 1,640 MW and an expected winter rating of 1,820 MW when completed in December 2018. The Duke utility currently has a total summer net generation capacity resource of 11,275 MW. Construction of 820 MW of the 1,640 MW of the Citrus County plant will be complete by May 2018, with the remaining 820 MW complete by December 2018.
The plant will be an advanced class gas turbine, 4x2 combined-cycle configuration, which includes four combustion turbines (CTGs), four heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), two steam turbines (STGs), and six generator step-up transformers (GSUs). The natural gas will be supplied by the Sabal Trail Transmission LLC pipeline through a gas lateral to the plant.
Other gas pipelines into Florida will be available as additional resources in the event of a supply disruption on the Sabal Trail pipeline.
Locating this power plant adjacent to the Crystal River facility allows the company to use the existing Crystal River power plant intake canal for sea water makeup for the Citrus County plant cooling towers and the existing Crystal River water wells for process makeup water for the plant. The only transmission work that is necessary for the Citrus County plant is the switchyard and transmission bus line work to actually connect it with the existing DEF transmission facilities that are already connected to DEF's transmission system.
By the summer of 2018, when 820 MW of the Citrus County plant is projected to first come on-line, the summer peak demand is projected to grow to 9,439 MW and by the next summer, when the Citrus County plant is expected to be fully operational, the summer peak demand will reach 9,813 MW. Generation facility retirements also contribute to the company's reliability needs in the summer of 2018.
The company also plans to retire its oldest coal-fired units, CR1 and CR2, timed to coincide with the addition of the Citrus County plant.

In addition, the company plans to retire its oldest peaking units, built in the 1960s and early 1970s, and its three 1950s vintage steam generation plants at its Suwannee power plant site prior to 2018.
Through the company's integrated resource plan (IRP) process DEF developed the company's Base Generation Expansion Plan to meet this need.
As part of the grant, a 100-kilowatt (kW) solar photovoltaic (PV) system has already been installed on the top of the university’s Fifth Avenue South parking garage.
Solar energy that is not used by the garage for lights, elevators and electric-vehicle charging stations is stored in battery systems or put onto the electric grid for immediate use. The new larger energy storage system operates in conjunction with two smaller existing USF energy storage systems.
As part of the grant to USFSP, Duke Energy Florida paid for the installation of two NovaCharge electric-vehicle charging stations provided by Nissan. USFSP has an existing 2.0-kW solar energy system located at its Central Facilities Plant that was constructed in partnership with Duke Energy and the USF Tampa School of Engineering. In addition, the plant will have moderate duct firing capability, which means 50 MW to 100 MW of duct-fired output of each 820 MW power block will be available as cost-effective peaking capacity.
DEF will have additional receipt only interconnects between Sabal Trail and Florida Gas Transmission Co. The company also will use existing roads into the Crystal River site for access to the Citrus County plant for construction of the plant and operation of the facility. One 820-MW block of the 1,640-MW plant will be connected to the existing 500-kV transmission system located at the Crystal River plant effectively replacing the generation from the retired Crystal River Unit 3 nuclear unit (CR3). In February 2013, Duke Energy Florida decided to retire its already-idled CR3 nuclear unit, which had provided approximately 790 MW in summer capacity. Environmental Protection Agency and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection established air emission standards and limits that affect the continued operation of CR1 and CR2 beyond 2018 without substantial investment in new environmental compliance equipment and measures for CR1 and CR2.

The plan includes the addition of the Suwannee Simple Cycle Project, involving the construction of two new combustion turbine units at the existing Suwannee power plant site in 2016, and the Hines Chillers Power Uprate project at the Hines Energy Complex by 2017. Petersburg unveiled a new solar battery project that will explore how to store and use energy from the sun. High-resolution data is being collected on the PV installation and on the energy storage system which is displayed on an online dashboard and several kiosks on campus.
This creates an opportunity to build upon existing battery technology while advancing clean energy solutions. The plant will also include cooling towers, pumps, tanks, power distribution centers, a water treatment building, and an administration building. Sabal Trail is a new greenfield interstate natural gas pipeline project that originates in Alabama, extends through Georgia, and ends in Central Florida.
The other plant power block will be connected to the Crystal River 230-kV transmission system, effectively replacing the CR Unit 1 (CR1) and CR Unit 2 (CR2) generation when those coal-fired facilities are retired. This peak summer demand growth results in a summer Reserve Margin of 11.7% by 2018 without additional resources to DEF's system. A solar array of this size can produce enough energy to power an electric car for half a million miles.

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