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Email Address Collector is probably the most powerful and user-friendly Windows email address extraction program that you can get for a reasonable price.
Email Address Collector supports Microsoft Office Outlook 2000 to 2013, Outlook Express 6 or higher, Mozilla Thunderbird 2, documents of Microsoft Office 2000 to 2010 (including Office 2007 docx files), any non-encrypted Adobe PDF-compliant files. VeriSign fully secured online credit card payment, FAX ordering, postal mail or phone orders.
Based on just their email addresses, I start with mildly positive impressions for Bill, Christina and Verdun. I would tend to avoid underscores, as lots of people seem to have real trouble figuring out how to type them, or knowing what the character is called if you have to give your address over the phone.
For instance, if I am providing an email address to a web site I don’t necessarily trust with my address (will they sell it to a spam list?) I will provide them with a unique alias  or forwarding address.
But here is the issue: What if I later need to send someone (the site owner, for instance) an email from [email protected]? Another example: I use a Gmail account to consolidate emails from a number of other accounts I have.
Apple Mail has fairly good IMAP support and allows me to access my Gmail account over IMAP. It turns out that Apple Mail has an easy way to resolve this problem, but it is not at all obvious and not explained anywhere in Mail Help (not as far as I could see). Now when you reply to a message or write a new message you will be able to select any of the addresses you’ve listed here as the From address. If you are using a Gmail account to consolidate your emails from multiple accounts into one gmail account you’ll need to ensure a few settings are correct in your gmail account settings.
Some readers have pointed out in the comments below that each time they reply to a message they have to select the correct From address because it is not selected automatically. Everything worked just as described until the end… when I sent a test email to another address, despite having selected the From field I wanted, it still showed up as having been sent from the primary email account from which it was sent. When I send an email via Mail on my Mac the recipient is receiving it from a different address (an other account I have) and their response is then sent to this address and not in Mail.

I have read the whole instruction and post and have set up everything as explained, in fact I had it already before exactly like that however the problem is still the same.
When I get a message to my work email and I press reply, it automatically sends from my personal email.
Could you help me figure out how to automatically reply using the same email address it was sent to? Rather than manually set the Reply-To Address field in _every_ message I compose, I reordered my email addresses as listed in Address Book. If you have been finding it difficult to hear back, there is a chance that could be the culprit. I’d sent them a message from my Paypal account using the Email Us form on their web site. I’ve now run a test and yes, you are absolutely right, it does still send it with the main account email address. I have the exact same set up you described and evth works fine, i can select the other email address, but it would only send from the email address that is set as default at outlook. Just hotmail just changed to outlook last week and like i said i set everything up the way you explained it. However, now when I’m using Mail in replying messages, it always seems to reply from the default (first one listed) email address. While I know I could set it each time I reply, I made a mistake of forgetting it a few times.
I generally only give out my own domain’s email address to people, so gmail is essentially masked. When I respond to an email, mail chooses my master email address even it the message was sent to an alias. So I am not sure why on your computer it is necessary to choose the correct From address each time you reply to a message.
Im using mail 5.3 and having this same issue about my mail not automatically replying from the address the mail was sent to.

Tammys email looks spammy but I was thinking may be it is an attention grabber for a specific audience, and Tammy or (whoever is behind the email) does get a high rate of response.
Gmail even lets me send out messages as though the message originates from one of these accounts. But what happens when I receive a message that was sent to one of the accounts Gmail is checking for me? Mail only has one account, which is my work account, but it knows more than that about me since it latches onto my info in Address Book. I’d been racking my brains for hours trying to work out how to add all my forwarded addresses to mail.
If I hit reply in Apple Mail, there is no way to send the reply FROM the account that originally received the message. I replied in Apple Mail but then got told by Paypal that they could not correspond with me because the message I sent them did not come from an address not associated with my Paypal account.
But it turns out you can add as many other email addresses to this field as you like, in effect making a comma separated list of email addresses. I see you posted your question back in September so perhaps you’ve fixed it since then. Because of this, it was sending replies to my personal account — the first one listed in Address Book. This way if I ever receive spam to this forwarding address I will know exactly where the address was leaked from. Gmail has great spam filters so I find it useful to run all my email accounts through Gmail.
I had to log into Gmail in order to reply because there was no obvious way to do it in Apple Mail.

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