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Microsoft has announced that Google has agreed to delay the removal of support for Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync protocol (Google Sync) until July. In the meantime, Microsoft said it is working to build support for the protocols Google will be using going forward, meaning Windows Phone users will still be able to connect to Google services. At issue is a December announcement from Google that it would drop support for Exchange ActiveSync as of 31 Janurary, meaning new users would not be given the option to use Google Sync.
Microsoft, however, does not support CalDAV or CardDAV, so the move would have left Windows Phone users without a convenient way to synchronise their contacts or calendars with their Google account.

The Redmond-based firm said, however, that Google is providing an extension on the switchover. Google discontinued Calendar Sync on 14 December and and said it would drop Google Sync for the Nokia S60 and SyncML, a contacts sync service used by a small number of older mobile devices, on 30 January.
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