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How do you find a person for free online if your data is limited to a name, old address, a previously attended university or location they lived prior? Do not pay for a search yet, visit websites that can provide a free search to start off with.
The internet is loaded with tons of information and services to help you with finding a person. You can find a persons telephone number using alternative methods if you do not have it yet.
There are a multitude of reasons why you may need to find or locate a person or require information about them using the internet. These are just some of the types of examples where you may want or need to find a person for free or information related to them.
Professional search sites can access large data bases and can search unlisted telephone numbers for you. Paying for an on line search should be considered only when the free methods have produced no results.

You could try searching the social networks like facebook or twitter to locate people for free. Some online services could charge you a fee but this will only be a fraction of what any private investigator would charge you. Paying for a search will be the most effortless and cost method to perform a search to actually find a person online.
Using a professional service to perform a search then becomes a great choice rather than trying to find a person for free.
Things like an old email address, return mail details,a zip code area code, city or state they were from and the like. Please take note that the privacy of a person should always be taken into consideration before going out and performing any kind of a search as they may not wish to be located.
There are search sites online that you can use to look up a person’s information even if the telephone number is actually an old one. Electoral roles, libraries and motor vehicle registration departments can all provide public records about people.

These old numbers could assist you in obtaining some very useful data to help find a person at a very small cost or even better still, completely free. Attempt to search for the persons name or profile to see if they own an account on either of these sites.
Whenever a paid search is necessary, then it should not cost more that $30 to try to locate a person using an online service. The best free people search can be performed by entering their name on a free people search engine like google yahoo or bing.

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