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As with many vintage VW toys and models, manufacturers did not stamp or mark their product with their name or some type of insignia.
The body was painted in various colors and examples of maroon, black, dark blue, light blue, gray and red have been seen.
I wrote a nice two page color article for the Jan 1997 issue of Hot VWs magazine, Der Kleine Kafer, of the ENDOH VW Busses.

The JNF was one of my first tin toy and is still one of the one I like most even if its condition is not perfect.
The Shell Esso and BP came in the 3 variations with chrome wheels, black wheel and litho cab! That is a pretty impressive collection of the ENDOH VW Busses that you have picked up over the years. I only have a couple of the older, smaller version of the ENDOH Busses in my collection and a couple of them went through the Restor-Version shop as well. Distressed artwork shows a Crimson Trace "operator" at full speed, with text reading "Take a Test Drive at the Speed of Light. We have over 100 antique categories, including antique jewelry, antique furniture, antique toys, Asian antiques and many, many more! Our feature VW toy in this magazine issue has no manufacturer markings but the printing on the original box or shipping carton reveals an identifiable insignia.

The chassis was fastened to the body by small metal ears (on the body) bent over through small slits in the chassis. A unique feature of this toy was a lithographed interior that was similar to the real KdF Wagen of the time.
The litho pattern included seats with handrails on top and a dashboard with the old style two glove boxes. A lever in front of the toy car operated a steering mechanism which when moved in one direction caused the wheels to turn in the opposite direction.

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