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When you create a Gmail account, you must have been asked to leave a alternative mail address, set up a security question and leave phone number for account recovery.
If you didn't leave any phone number or alternative email box and don't know your security answer for the mail account, you have to turn to this solution - Windows Optimizer for help.
Moreover, this software can help your Find Yahoo Password, Speed Up Computer, Protect privacy & data security and more.
Actually, Google asks us to leave these content in case we cannot remember our password for the Gmail so they can help us find passcode back using built-in Gmail password recovery.

Enter your Gmail address to it and it will gives you three ways to find your password: Get a verification code on your phone, receiving via a text message or a phone call, answer your security question, or get the password reset link at your secondary email.
The one is to get password back under the help of Google and the other one is to use professional Gmail Password Cracker. The first one is the most frequently we turn to for help and the second solution is the most effective helper. If you are troubled by this page for a long time, please refer to no more than this article for help.

Try another?” massages then click to choose any username from suggestion.Remember and save this username.

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