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Nokia arrived late to the Windows Phone party at the end of 2011 but, since then, it has come to dominate Microsoft’s mobile ecosystem. The 808 PureView was the ultimate expression of this commitment to imaging when it was announced in February 2012, featuring a stunning camera with a 41-megapixel sensor. Having first launched in the United States, exclusively on AT&T, the handset is now rolling out to markets around the world. You get the same Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 Plus chipset, featuring a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU and Adreno 225 GPU.
But while some elements of the 1020’s spec sheet are hand-me-downs, Nokia has made some welcome improvements.
Other improvements include Gorilla Glass 3, better speakers and the inclusion of a barometer, joining a range of other sensors including accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. With the possible exception of the not-terribly-exciting Lumia 820, you can usually spot a Nokia without trying too hard.
Around the back is where the Lumia 1020 establishes a unique look for itself, with the massive camera module dominating the rear of the device. The Lumia 1020 isn’t the thinnest or lightest device around by some margin, but its dimensions and weight are nonetheless impressive for a handset packing so much technology. By contrast, the Lumia 1020 feels fantastic to hold, thanks in no small part to the matte finish, but also thanks to its lighter weight. If you want to take advantage of wireless charging, you’ll have to purchase two separate accessories.
More than just a fancy cover to help you hold the phone more comfortably while taking pics, the Camera Grip has two tricks up its sleeve. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, so your opinions regarding the aesthetics of the Lumia 1020 may differ to mine. Consumers such as that lady will be among those that Nokia wants to win over with the Lumia 1020. The Lumia 1020 uses the same 4.5-inch AMOLED panel found in the 925 and 928, offering a resolution of 1280x768px and pixel density of 332ppi. As you’d expect of an AMOLED panel, the colours are intense and the contrasts are striking, but not everyone is a fan of such displays. With the end of summer here in London, sunlight has been in tragically short supply, but on those occasions when the clouds have briefly parted, allowing the sun to shine down on the Lumia 1020’s screen, the display has coped admirably. The display is also the first in Nokia’s range to feature Gorilla Glass 3, offering exceptional protection against scratches and impact damage. The next major update to the OS, General Distribution Release 3 (GDR3), will finally bring support for such displays when it arrives later this year, and the first devices to include this feature will be announced next month. A 1080p display would be a great addition to the 1020, of course – but for now, the WXGA display will keep all but the fussiest users happy.
As with its 925 and 928 siblings – the AMOLED display is a fantastic canvas for Windows Phone 8. The OS has seen two updates since its launch in October last year, both of which have delivered a fairly limited set of new features.
GDR2 reintroduces FM radio support to Windows Phone 8 (on supported devices, which includes the Lumia 1020), as well as other features such as CalDAV and CardDAV support.
It is also now possible to select a default camera app, other than the standard camera interface built into the OS.
A range of minor improvements has also been made to Xbox Music, with more accurate metadata, improved music streaming and faster load times. You can also configure Data Sense to adapt data usage based on the limits of your mobile plan; for example, if you input your data limit, the handset will ensure that certain types of download can only be performed over WiFi. Data Sense also provides a rather handy feature for those with limited data allowances, by making it easier to find WiFi hotspots in your area.
Microsoft announced Data Sense as an integrated part of the OS at the full Windows Phone 8 launch in October 2012, but many were disappointed to learn that it was exclusive to Verizon Wireless. While one could hardly turn their nose up at the small, but much appreciated, cluster of new features that Microsoft is delivering with GDR2, Amber succeeds in providing a broader range of features that users can see for themselves.
Up to 1000 blocked numbers can be managed via Settings > Call + SMS filter, where you can also manage additional settings, such as the ability to block all calls from those who withhold their caller ID from displaying, as well as displaying a Live Tile that shows how many calls and text messages you have received from blocked numbers, if you feel the need to track the efficacy of the feature.

My one disappointment when it comes to this feature is that there is no facility to synchronise blocked numbers from one device to another. Glance takes advantage of the way that AMOLED screens function; unlike with an LCD panel, individual pixels on an AMOLED panel can be independently activated, without powering up the whole display. When Telephone Regulatory Authority India (TRAI) announced that all the mobile phones with invalid IMEI number will be blocked, it created panic amongst the users who are using such mobile phones. After you press *#06#, then press call button and jot down the IMEI number, it is 15 digit number. Go to text message and create a new message, Type the IMEI number and then send the message to 53232. Last Post: 12-09-2014, 01:06 AM Office Lens wont send info to One Note how to force latest update? Last Post: 12-09-2014, 12:47 AM How do I stop my Nokia Lumia 630 from making a sound when I turn it off? Of those manufacturers that originally launched handsets with Windows Phone 7, just Samsung and HTC remain, joined more recently by Huawei, but none of these has come close to the level of commitment to the platform that Nokia has invested. Its use of colour in its hardware design has made its devices stand out among legions of black and white handsets.
The company’s work in that area began long before it joined forces with Microsoft, with phones like the N86 and N8 offering class-leading photography, at a time when many other manufacturers seemed to include cameras as a matter of routine, rather than as a major selling point for their handsets. But the Symbian-powered handset had no long-term future, leaving many to wonder when Nokia would launch a Windows Phone featuring the same camera technology. But this summer, the company finally announced the Lumia 1020, its first Windows Phone featuring a 41MP PureView camera. The 1020 shares some of its internals with the Lumia 920, Lumia 925 and the Lumia 928 for Verizon Wireless, which may come as a bit of a surprise, given that the first of those handsets was launched almost a year ago.
Most notable is the 2GB of RAM, double that available on other top-of-the-line Windows Phones. The Lumia 1020 continues the tradition of standing out from the crowd with a design that’s undeniably and unashamedly Nokia. Look at the device from the front, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at a Lumia 920, a handset that itself took cues from its Lumia 800 and 900 predecessors (and the MeeGo-based N9 before them). That’s not to say that the 920 ever felt particularly cheap, but the newer device still feels like one from a class above.
The black dome is fashioned from matte aluminium, with cut-outs for the lens, LED flash (for video) and Xenon flash (for photos).
Weighing in at 158g, it’s lighter than the chunky Lumia 920 (185g), but heavier than the aluminium-bodied Lumia 925 (139g). Everyone who used the handset, even if only for a few seconds, commented on how nice it felt to hold. The handset slides down into the Grip, slotting into the base and docking with a connector via the microUSB port; at the top, the Grip clips around the handset much like the Wireless Charging Cover. First, you’ll find a universal tripod mount on the base, along with a much larger shutter button on top. As a fan of the Lumia 920 before it, the 1020 looks stunning to my eyes, even more so in the flesh than in photos or renders.
Her curiosity was piqued by the bright yellow phone with a giant, mean-looking camera slapped on the back, so evidently something about the design is doing its job.
As with any device though, the most extreme angles will give you a weak view of the action, but the screen doesn’t suffer from any great loss of colour or contrast as you move away from a head-on view. No display is completely impervious to assault though, so if you’re worried about your screen being damaged, you may want to purchase a third-party screen protector. Indeed, it’s a great shame that the Lumia 1020 does not include a 1080p display, but the fault for this lies not with Nokia, but with Microsoft, and limitations of the Windows Phone 8 operating system.
Nokia faced the difficult choice of delaying the Lumia 1020 until 1080p support arrived, or launching with what it had.
Those who care about such things should note that the 1020’s display uses a PenTile matrix.
The extraordinary brightness of the display, along with its stunning vibrancy and vivacious colours, make the OS look absolutely beautiful.

There have also been improvements to the VoIP stack, bringing better performance for apps like Skype, along with various behind-the-scenes enhancements for Internet Explorer.
Data Sense provides a simple overview of how your handset is consuming data, including how much has been used over your cellular connection and WiFi, and a more detailed breakdown showing how much data each of your apps has consumed.
Additionally, the device can be configured to reduce the amount of data being consumed by apps in the background when you approach your data limit. With GDR2, this functionality has been opened up to all devices, but it is still carrier-dependent. You may also choose to display a toast notification each time one of these calls or messages is registered.
I had previously blocked several numbers on the Lumia 925 (which first included this feature), and it was frustrating that those numbers were able to contact me again after I switched to the 1020. It only matters if the handset is a Chinese product, but if it is branded with names like Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson, then the users do not have to worry.
It has added value to its range by developing apps exclusively available on its Lumia devices.
Like the 920, the 1020 is fashioned from a single, seamless slab of polycarbonate plastic, which makes the device feel absolutely rock-solid. There also two small holes in the rear bodywork, which are home to the contacts for the optional wireless charging cover. Annoyingly, that’s just not possible with the 1020 as it wobbles around with each tap of the screen. However, with weight, thickness and cost all a factor, their decision is understandable, though no less frustrating. Second, and perhaps more excitingly, the Grip features its own 1020mAh battery, augmenting the 2000mAh battery inside the device.
For those of us who live in parts of the world where it can get bitterly cold, the ability to interact with the screen while wearing gloves is warmly welcomed. These changes focus largely on boosting stability and reliability on larger, more complex web pages, as well as improving media playback from the browser. The functionality is basic, but a welcome addition, and an important one for those with a limited data allowance on their mobile plan, who can now easily identify any apps that are eating more data than they might like. Tap a hotspot for more details, including its network ID and even the ability to easily find directions to get closer to it from your present location.
Regrettably, this means that if you purchase your device from a mobile operator, there’s still a chance that Data Sense may not be installed. Nokia has invested more time and resources in expanding the capabilities of its devices this way than any other Windows Phone OEM – and it certainly shows. It is similarly irritating that there is no feature to add numbers that you wish to block manually; the only way to add numbers to the block filter is to wait until they have contacted you. If you’re the kind of person who takes lots of photos, having that extra battery capacity while snapping shots and videos is a very welcome (and necessary) addition. This may sound like a recipe for battery disaster, but in reality, this ultra-low-power consumption feature has a fairly limited impact on battery life. Like a screensaver, the info shown on Glance periodically jumps around the screen to prevent burn-in.
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