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Knowing an iOS devices serial number is useful for a wide variety of reasons, from checking warranty status, determining if it's eligible for a free repair from Apple, checking unlock status, checking for iCloud Activation Lock, insurance purposes, repairs, registering a phone for a variety of services, amongst other reasons. If you'd rather find the serial number of an iOS device from a computer, you can do that too with iTunes. As you can see neither of these methods are particularly complex, though unlike finding a serial number of a Mac, you can't have it spoken to you without enabling separate text to speech settings in iOS. Though the serial number may look totally random, serial numbers are assigned to devices in an orderly way, with details about the devices factory and machine ID, the week of production, the year it was manufactured, the color, and the storage size of the model.
Each Apple iPad comes with a Unique series of numbers ie the Serial number, IMEI Number & ICCID Number which are useful for the Apple Support Team to recognize your iPad and diagnose it.

First of all is the Apple iTunes Software which is bridge between your Apple iPad and your Computer. Hope the above informative tutorial which was created with the help of Apple Support was useful to use in finding the iPad Numbers for warranty and other issues. It doesn't matter which method you use, if the device is the same, the serial number attached to it will be the same too. You can decipher this information about the device by reading the serial and knowing the format as it applies to the iPhone or iPad, though it does vary per model and per device.
The IMEI Number is the number which is assigned to every mobile phone handset, and while the iPad also offers similar functions it comes with IMEI Number too.

Once you connect the computer to the iPad using the USB Cable, you will find the details in the software screen itself. For more information, visit My Apple ID and click "Find out."Additional InformationLearn how to report a lost or stolen Apple product.

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